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Looking for a high school data science internship? Here is your guide

Data science uncovers hidden insights and trends. Taking a high school data science internship helps you gain real-world experience of that.

Think of any industry from academic research to business, finance, healthcare, or anything you like; you will find data everywhere. It is a growing commodity that helps to make informative decisions. As technology advances, industries are processing vast data sets. The demand for skilled data professionals is also increasing. And a high school data science internship makes a difference.  Let’s check how you can land on that.

High school data science internship: overview

Data science is all about finding facts from figures. Due to its integration across various industries, it is a hot cake now. Internships in data science help high school students gain hands-on experience in the field of data science. The students work under mentors and assist them in exploring vast data to extract information for strategic decisions. One may have a high GPA. It becomes nothing if that is not supported by on-the-job experience. Internships prepare high school students for entry-level jobs.

high school data science internships

Skills required for a High school data science internship

High school students seeking a data science internship should possess the following common hard and soft skills.

  • Technical skills: Data science interns need to gather, process, and analyze As such, they should have an understanding of programming languages like Python, R, and SQL. These help them to analyze data and find trends. Students should also have a basic knowledge of machine learning. It helps in data collection, understanding anomalies, and developing predictive models.
  • Interpersonal skills: Being a data science intern, high school students need to contact people across different segments, including experts and others for data collection. As such, they should possess communication skills, have the ability to work as a team member to achieve a common goal, and should also have a knack for solving problems.

high school data science internships

List of high school data science internships:

Data Science Institute

This is a program offered by UChicago and they pay high school students about $6,000 for the summer to do data science research. You basically do a lot of Python programming.

Google CSSI

This is a paid summer program for high school seniors to get introduced to different aspects of computer science. You can check out my post on Google CSSI.


High school data science internship: benefits

Data science internships offer several potential benefits to high school students. They get opportunities to work in a real-world environment. They can apply their classroom knowledge in practice and hone their technical and personal skills. These internships typically last for a few months and mostly happen in summer. High school students have chances to work under professional guidance and that entails a vast network connection with industry professionals. It helps to get recommendations and college applications. Some internships also lead to permanent employment in the future.

Where to find a high school data science internship

A stint in data science opens up several work opportunities to high school students. Almost all industries need data scientists. So, students with a background in data science can find employment across various organizations. High school interns assist seniors in data collection, analysis, and reporting findings. Students can search for data science interns on the internet using local keywords. Alternatively, they can popular job posting sites like, Indeed, LinkedIn, Handshake, and the like.

Tips for a high school data science internship

Students should put their best foot forward while applying for data science internships. For a data science internship in the summer, students should start their searches in the season prior. Here are some tips that will improve your chances to get one.

  • Apply in advance: Data science internships are competitive. Applying well before the deadline creates a good first impression. One also gets time to update all application material.
  • Build a strong resume: Include your qualification in detail and projects done in the school. You can create a portfolio highlighting your skills and boost them up with a cover letter. It carries weight.
  • Apply for multiple internships: Data science internships attract a large number of high school students with strong backgrounds. As such, apply for internship positions with more than one organization. It improves the chances to get one.
  • Customize resume and cover letter: Never send a general resume and cover letter to all internships you are applying for. You should customize them for each application separately. It will demonstrate your intention to join the particular organization.
  • Consult high school teachers: High school teachers are likely to have a large network of friends and connections working in various organizations. They may be helpful to find you one.
  • Consult school counselors: They could be the most obvious source to find a data science internship. They are likely to have a list of the organizations where senior students have completed their internships and guide you accordingly.
  • Explore family and friends: Check with your family, friends, and acquaintances for any potential information about data science internships. It helps.
  • Approach local businesses: Most businesses take the help of data science for making strategic decisions. So, you can apply to any local business in person or by sending emails for an internship.
  • Keep recommendation letters ready: Internship applications usually require recommendations from your school or a relevant person who knows you well. It takes time. So, try to get it well before the deadline.

Data science internships career paths

Taking a high school data science internship opens up several career paths for students. As students support professional teams in data mining, analysis, and other related disciplines, they gain the necessary skills to solve business problems. A successful intern also gains excellent math ability and knowledge of programming languages. They can work in various industries including software, technical, finance, manufacturing, consultancy, etc. They can specialize in data engineering & architecture, data analysis, etc. As students move along in their career paths, they take on more responsibilities. Starting as data analysts, they can work as business analysts, consultants, and instructors.  They can also rise to the posts of senior analysts, project managers, marketing managers, and quality assurance managers.


Data science has revolutionized science and industries. Taking a high school data science internship can help you bridge the gap between your classroom experience and the professional field. It helps, no matter what major you take or the career you pursue. So, try for it now. Good luck!

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