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High school business internships

High school students must do many things. Many high schools encourage students in junior and senior year to do economic internships. This is a great way to get exposure to the real-world.

 High school students can learn fundamental skills in marketing, finance, accounting, and other areas by completing a business internship. They meet professionals in the field of business. This helps to gain skills that will allow you to obtain entry-level positions and establish a career path. A business internship broadens one’s understanding of business and its various aspects. For a successful high school business internship, students should identify their career goals and interests.

The duties of business interns

They have different responsibilities and duties depending on the organization. They generally include the following.

  • Assistance with data retrieval, analysis, and research.
  • Preparing financial tables, graphs, etc. For interdepartmental or cross-departmental projects.
  • Assisting with statistical programming and other related matters
  • Marketing

Benefits of high school business internships

Although many people believe that internships should be reserved for college students, high school business internships exist and they can prove to be beneficial for high school students in these ways.

  • Helps students discover their interests: High school students can get internships in business to see if a career as an economist is right for them. They find out if they are interested in the work and if they would like to be a full-time worker. Students also gain transferable skills that can be used in other fields or modified to suit their needs.
  • Creating career plans High school students can find out more about their careers, which helps them to create a solid career plan.
  • Experience in the real world High school students have an opportunity to work with a company or government agency while completing an internship in business. They gain practical experience and acquire knowledge that will be useful in the workplace.
  • Learn new SkillsHigh School Business Internships help students learn new skills. This includes communication, finance and analysis. They also learn interpersonal skills that allow them to work together in a group.
  • The application of classroom experience An economic internship allows students to apply the knowledge they have gained in school to a real-world workplace. They learn about the importance of money and the functioning of the social economy. They have positive effects on the company where they intern.
  • Create connection: Students have the opportunity to build relationships with their guides, coworkers and supervisors through economic internships. It helps students to develop their professional networks by staying connected with them.
  • College applications Internships can also be helpful for students applying to college. This demonstrates their dedication and passion for the field.

1) CSBI | High school business internships

If you are a Chicago high school junior you can apply for the CSBI (Chicago Summer Business Institute) program. They offer high school business internships to Chicago high school juniors. Founded in 1991 to provide paid summer internships for Chicago high school students and to introduce them to the financial services sector, the Chicago Summer Business Institute’s goals have always remained the same: to give participants an incentive to continue their education while preparing them for the business world.  

2) Future Founders | High school business internships

For Chicago high schoolers, Future Founders, which is an entrepreneurial organization offers a couple-week paid high school business internship called Be Your Own Boss for Chicago high schoolers who are 14+ and the program lets you network with entrepreneurs here. Future Founders also offers the Future Founders Startup Bootcamp which is a virtual unpaid program for 18-30-year-olds in every state that provides resources for your business. They also accept you if you just have an idea. 

3) On The Money Magazine journalism and entrepreneurship internship | High school business internships

There is also the On The Money Magazine journalism and entrepreneurship high school business internship for Chicago high schoolers. High schoolers can get paid to write about entrepreneurial and finance-related topics for their for teens by teens magazine. They can also have a mini entrepreneurship internship to help run the magazine.

4) Junior Economic Club

The Junior Economic Club is an organization across the U.S in many states that provides high schoolers in many states interested in business with networking connections. It’s competitive to be accepted, but worth it! You also are more likely to get internship offers in high school by joining the club. You can view the different Junior Economic Club chapters (what state has a JEC chapter). The Junior Economics Club is not an internship but it’s more of a club you can join that will give you the opportunity to network with people to secure a high school business internship.

junior economic club high school business internship

5) YEP (Young Entrepreneurs Program)

The YEP (Young Entrepreneurs Program) is for high school juniors and seniors in Kansas City Missouri. Here YEP partners with local high-growth companies in the Midwest to offer students opportunities to learn from professionals in a variety of fields, including engineering, marketing, product management, sales, finance, and analytics.

6) Pentacle internship

For New York high schoolers there is the Pentacle internship for a for-profit or nonprofit small business here:   This is for high school students looking to supplement their academic education with real-life business skills or who may need help figuring out their next steps, Pentacle’s High School Internship Program provides hands-on work experience, career development, and mentorship during the 8-week program session. Students get a $600 stipend.

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