Hanger 2


Hanger 2 is an exciting game that is fun for all age groups. The game is easy to play, but it does require a certain level of skill and strategy to master. Hanger 2 is an updated version of the popular original game Hanger, which was released in 2010. It has since gained popularity among gamers and has received numerous upgrades to make it more fun and challenging.


The objective of Hanger 2 is simple. The player controls a character, who swings through levels using a rope. The rope attaches to various objects like walls, ceilings, and platforms, which allows the character to swing from one place to another. The goal is to reach the end of each level without the character dying. The game is divided into multiple levels, and each level is progressively harder than the previous one.

The controls of the game are easy to understand, and the game can be played on any device with a browser. The character moves back and forth with the arrow keys, and the player can release the rope by pressing the space bar. The game requires good timing, aim, and a bit of physics knowledge.


Hanger 2 is not an easy game, and it can be challenging even for seasoned gamers. The game requires a lot of patience and perseverance. The levels are designed to make players think and strategize on how to pass the next obstacle.

Some levels are filled with spinning wheels, spikes, or other dangers that can kill the character if not avoided. The game also has moving platforms and elevators that require precise timing to use. As the game progresses, the levels become more challenging, and the obstacles become harder to overcome.


Hanger 2 has received numerous upgrades since its release. The game has been optimized for better performance on various platforms and adapted for mobile devices. It also has new levels, characters, and challenges to keep the game interesting.

One of the most notable upgrades is the Level Editor, which allows players to create their custom levels. Players can share their levels with others and play levels created by other users. The Level Editor has sparked creativity among the gaming community, and there are thousands of user-created levels available to play.

Another upgrade is the addition of new characters. Players can now choose from a variety of different characters with unique abilities. Some characters have different rope lengths or weights, which can change the gameplay and provide a new challenge for players.


The Hanger 2 community is active and engaged. The game has a dedicated subreddit where players share their experiences, strategies, and levels. The subreddit also serves as a platform to report bugs and suggest new features.

The game has also spawned a large following on YouTube, where players upload gameplay videos, speed runs, and tutorials. The Hanger 2 community has helped to keep the game fun and engaging by creating new challenges and sharing their experiences with others.


Hanger 2 is an excellent game that is fun, challenging, and rewarding. The game requires a certain level of skill and strategy to master, which makes it appealing to all age groups. With numerous upgrades and a vibrant community, the game continues to provide players with new challenges and experiences. If you are looking for a game that is both fun and challenging, Hanger 2 is worth checking out.

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