Granny 2

Granny 2: An Even Scarier Experience

Granny 2 is a horror survival game developed by DVloper, the same creators behind the popular game Granny. The game has taken the horror gaming world by storm with its spine-chilling effects, amazing graphics, and more challenges that keep you on the edge.

So, what does Granny 2 entail, and what makes it scarier than its predecessor? Let’s take a deeper dive into the game and find out.

New Haunting Features in Granny 2


Granny 2 comes with new environments to add to the game’s haunted house atmosphere. On top of the original house, players now have to venture out into the yard, the basement, and other buildings on the property. These new places come with their own challenges and obstacles, making it even more difficult to escape from Granny’s grasp.


The objectives in Granny 2 are a little different from those found in its predecessor. Players must collect objects and complete missions, making the game more challenging and engaging. The missions are scattered throughout the new environments, so exploring becomes a vital part of the game.

You can hide in new places.

One of the standout features of Granny 2 is that players can hide in a lot more places. In the original Granny, players could only hide under the beds, which made it a predictable destination. Now, players have the option to hide in wardrobes, closets, and barrels, creating more opportunities for escape.

Granny is Smarter Than Ever

In Granny 2, Granny’s artificial intelligence is far more advanced than her predecessor. She can now listen to footsteps, making it much harder to sneak around without getting caught. Additionally, Granny can also hear the sounds of objects being moved, so players must now be strategic in their movements.

Granny can go outside.

Another incredible thing that makes Granny 2 a scarier game is that Granny has the freedom to venture outside. The addition of new environments gives Granny access to a yard and more territory to cover. Players must now be more vigilant than ever and watch their backs.

Granny Has Become More Menacing

From the name alone, you know that Granny is not a friendly old woman. In Granny 2, she has become even scarier. She no longer walks at a slow pace, and players won’t be able to outrun her in an open area. Granny can now run and call “where are you?” to lure players from their hiding spots.

A new villain in the game

Granny 2 introduces a new villain in the game – her pet spider. The spider is large and moves very quickly, making it hard to avoid. It’s also immune to the player’s weapons, which adds a new layer of difficulty to the game.

Difficulty Modes

Granny 2 comes with three difficulty modes – Easy, Normal, and Hard – that offers different experiences and game challenges. The harder the difficulty, the smarter and more aggressive Granny becomes, making it a very difficult game to beat.

Final Thoughts

Granny 2 is a great addition to the horror game genre, offering players a new and scarier experience than its predecessor. The game comes with new features, challenges, and a better storyline that keep it engaging and exciting. The improved artificial intelligence of Granny and other villains, the new environments, and the varied objectives keep players on their toes.

The game’s sound effects and graphics are also impressive, contributing to the spine-tingling atmosphere of the game. It is a game that tests your nerves and strategy skills, and its different difficulty modes cater to all levels of gamers.

Overall, Granny 2 is an excellent survival horror game, and if you’re a fan of this genre, it will be an experience worth your time.

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