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GivenUs is a non-profit organization that has been working for a while in the United States. It offers financial support to students who want to improve their academic performance and achieve their dreams. They believe in helping young people make the world a better place, which is why they have created several scholarships for high school and college students. However, a lot of people think that the company is a scam. Generally, if someone is going to provide all this money to you and they don’t require you to do much, it’s not real. really does not seem legit. It took me a while to locate any information about scholarships on the website. This, to my mind, was a red flag. Although you may find information about scholarships, they tend to be generic and send you to sites that might allow you to apply for scholarships. I didn’t click on many of the links, so I don’t know if they are legitimate. The website is also riddled in ads. The author’s names were also not listed on any of the articles that I read or looked at. This should be a red flag on any news site, and not just this one. Also, another warning sign is that nearly all Google search results result in similar questions asking if the website is a scam. This is a sign that these GivenUs people want to sell your data to third parties to make a quick buck, and not to help you find scholarships. It’s pretty clear that they are doing this because literally on their home page smack in the middle they have a form where you can give them your email and your first and last name. See below:


Another person here said that since this person applied for scholarships, they’ve been receiving emails in nonstop fashion from GivenUs. GivenUs also writes in weird English. The link they sent them looked suspicious so they clicked it and they said that the email address GivenUs sent from doesn’t look legitimate. Reddit users also reported issues with them, claiming it was a scam. Beware.

The GivenUs website also mainly focused on horoscopes, and other nonsense. I searched for the business on the site. I was able to find the address and phone number for the scam. I tried calling the number, but didn’t get a response. To check the address, I used Google Maps. It took me to an abandoned apartment complex in the middle Seattle. I tried to reach out to the scammer, hoping for a human reply. However, I received a robot response almost immediately. Although I don’t believe that my email was compromised, it is possible.

However, one person here said that the emails have been very helpful in helping them find out how they can get additional scholarships. While this person says they were trying to figure everything out, they felt that the website also offerred some great advice on post-grad plans. Then the person said it’s been a great experience so far.

More about the GivenUs scam

One Reddit user here said that the website knew about that their parent died in a car accident and wrote this student an email that they knew that someone in their family got into an accident. In addition, another Reddit user on that thread said that they seemed to know someone in their family is an alcoholic too and that they were trying to send them substance abuse counseling info.  This is extremely creepy and scary.

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