Fitness Apps That Pay to Exercise

You know that regular exercise is important, but, honestly, it can be difficult to keep up. It is even harder when you are working alone and without workout partners or buddies. Then, when you look at yourself in the mirror and it seems like you are not making any progress, you give up. Perhaps, what you need is another source of motivation, and so far, money is one of the best motivations so far.

How about if you can find a fitness software application that pays you to take care of yourself and exercise? No, we’re not kidding; there are actually fitness apps that pay real cash and cryptocurrency to users for working out.

Some of the apps pay in their specialized coins which you can buy Dogecoin or anything else with. If you are ready, below are five fitness applications you can try today to work out and get paid.

  • Healthywage

Healthywage is a fitness app that lets you bet on your fitness journey and earn real cash in return. This is not gambling because there is no luck involved, but yes, it does have risks. Here is how it works: you will put at least ten percent of your body weight as a goal. Then, you will get anywhere from $100 to $995 monthly, and your time frame has to be between six and eighteen months.

You cannot alter the variables you input along the way as that will impact your chances of winning – unfavorably. If you meet your goal, Healthywage pays you in cash, making the app a risky but effective way to make money. 

  • Charity Miles

Charity Miles does not pay you directly for working out; instead, it credits charities when you work out. The app has several dozens of charities that users can choose from and make donations to through working out.

The more you work out, the higher the earnings you get for the charity of your choice; the app pays $0.25 per mile. Every time you work out, brands that partner with Charity Miles bring in the donation; there are no ads, just logos.

The challenge with this app is that you must actively track your workout in the app to earn; you cannot earn passively. Still, Charity Miles can be a powerful motivating force to get you started on a profitable fitness journey.

  • Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an interesting cryptocurrency-based fitness app that rewards users when they exercise. The app has its native currency, Sweatcoins, with which users can purchase a variety of rewards and gift cards. This fitness app offers you an easy way to exercise and earn; you don’t have to open the app to activate it.

Once you download and do the initial activation, you only need to leave the app on your phone and do your thing. For every one thousand steps you take, you earn 0.95 sweatcoins; you can earn up to twenty per day.

You can redeem $1,000 PayPal money with twenty thousand sweatcoins, which means you need a lot of patience to earn big. Either that or you can approach the app as a team where you pool sweatcoins together with a few of your friends.

  • Evidation Health

Evidation Health is one of the best fitness apps on the App Store and Google Play, perfect for anyone who wants to track their progress. It is a cool app to download whether you are looking to participate in medical research or improve your healthy habits.

It features powerful tracking tools and an easy-to-use interface with which you can track your fitness journey like a professional. The app partners with a network of health professionals and organizations who are passionate about improving human health.

Evidation Health gives you $10 for every ten thousand points you earn; you can either redeem this or donate to charity. You can redeem your rewards directly to your bank account or through PayPal; rewards are processed within seven working days. You earn points on the app from doing daily activities such as logging meals, meditating, and walking.

  • Stepbet

Stepbet is another fitness app you can track your fitness journey with and get paid at the same time. The app features health-focused games, which are given weekly to help you meet your personalized step targets. Here is how to get paid to workout with Stepbet: you will place a bet into the game’s pot. The bet you place will depend on the game you are playing, but most bets are $40.

While the Stepbet app itself is free, there are no free games. Stepbet believes you will take working out more seriously when your money is on the line. The games typically last six weeks, but that also depends on the game; if you want to win, you need to push through.


There are many more fitness tracking apps that pay you to work out; if you lack motivation, they provide it. Apart from letting you earn from exercising, they also help you keep track of your fitness journey.

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