Fullscript is a web-based platform that offers access to over 30000 professional-grade supplements and natural health products. It is designed for healthcare practitioners, such as naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and functional medicine doctors, to easily recommend and prescribe supplements to their patients. Fullscript aims to simplify the supplement ordering process, improve patient compliance and outcomes, and ultimately, help practitioners provide better care.

In this blog post, we will dive into the features and benefits of Fullscript, discuss how it works, and explore its impact on patient care.


Features and Benefits of Fullscript:

Fullscript offers numerous features and benefits to healthcare practitioners, including:

  1. Easy-to-use platform: Fullscript’s user-friendly platform allows practitioners to easily navigate and search for supplements, create personalized recommendations for their patients, and track patient compliance.
  2. Professional-grade supplements: Fullscript offers only professional-grade supplements, which are of the highest quality and purity, ensuring that patients receive the most effective and safe products.
  3. Customizable protocols: Fullscript enables practitioners to create customized protocols for their patients based on their specific health needs, goals, and preferences.
  4. Automated refill reminders: Fullscript sends automatic refill reminders to patients to ensure they never run out of their supplements, thereby improving patient compliance and outcomes.
  5. Integration with EHRs: Fullscript integrates with electronic health records (EHRs) and other practice management software, making it easy for practitioners to access patient information and seamlessly integrate supplement recommendations into their workflow.

How Fullscript Works:

Fullscript’s platform is designed to make supplement ordering and fulfillment as easy and streamlined as possible for practitioners and patients alike. Here’s how it works:

  1. Practitioner signs up: Healthcare practitioners sign up for Fullscript and create a personalized account.
  2. Create personalized protocols: Practitioners create personalized protocols for their patients based on their health needs, goals, and preferences.
  3. Patients order supplements: Patients order supplements directly from Fullscript using the personalized link or code provided by their practitioner.
  4. Supplements shipped directly to patients: Fullscript ships the supplements directly to patients, with free shipping on all orders over $50.
  5. Refill reminders: Fullscript sends automatic refill reminders to patients to ensure they never run out of their supplements.

Impact on Patient Care:

Fullscript has had a significant impact on patient care by improving patient compliance and outcomes, making supplement ordering and fulfillment more convenient and efficient, and providing practitioners with access to high-quality professional-grade supplements.

  1. Improved patient compliance: Fullscript’s automatic refill reminders and easy-to-use platform have resulted in improved patient compliance, as patients are more likely to continue taking their supplements when they never run out.
  2. Improved patient outcomes: Fullscript’s professional-grade supplements and customized protocols have led to improved patient outcomes, with many patients experiencing reduced symptoms and improved overall health.
  3. Increased efficiency: Fullscript’s integration with EHRs and other practice management software has increased efficiency for practitioners, enabling them to seamlessly integrate supplement recommendations into their workflow.
  4. Better care: Fullscript’s high-quality supplements, customized protocols, and streamlined ordering and fulfillment process have helped practitioners provide better care to their patients, resulting in better health outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.
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