How To Spot Fake Yeezy Foam Runners

Fake Yeezy Foam Runners: The Heel Method

We are not surprised that this model is so detailed, we can’t believe the counterfeit brand tried to copy it.
As you can see the heel of the original shoe has a more rounded shape, creating the illusion of a larger heel. The counterfeit heel is smaller and less round.This is also evident in the way that the holes were made in counterfeit Yeezy Foam Runners. The sections are supposed be larger and more round with narrower outlines, as seen in the left image.The collar was also tilted to the side. Instead of making the counterfeit one more centered,
fake foam runners

Real Vs Fake Yeezy Foam Runners: The Heel Counter Method

In order to trick customers into believing they are selling genuine items, counterfeit brands may place logos where they do not belong.
They tried to place the Adidas logo on the heel of the shoe, when they aren’t on the original heel counters. Even if the logo was there, the replica model would not convince us that it is authentic. The logos are asymmetrical so they aren’t what they should be.

The collars on the authentic pair are taller, but wider than the fake model.

fake yeezy foam runners


Can You Wear Yeezy Foam Runners without Socks?

You can wear Yeezy Foam Runners without socks and they will look great. However, socks might rub on your bare heel so if you are going to be walking a lot, socks are always a good idea.

The barcode method

You can search for the barcode number using Google searches.

yeezy foam runner barcode

In this example, you would search “195739108773”, for the authentic Yeezy box, or “4064056041024”, for the fake Yeezybox, as shown in the below image. Afterwards, search for matches that confirm your Yeezy Foam Runners authenticity. If you see many results on Google, that is a sign of authenticity. Verify that the displayed results match the product’s colorway and size. Also, ensure that they have the same barcode as the Yeezy Foam Runner label. The box could be genuine if they match. This means that the box may be authentic but your Yeezy Foam Runner could still be fake. It is most likely fake if the results do not match the color, size, and product ID. The sneaker is most likely fake if no results are found. The sneaker is most likely fake if the results do not relate to it. We need to search for additional indicators of authenticity small>.

yeezy foam runner

Fake Yeezy Foam Runners have peeling circles

The below red circle denotes this. The hole cutouts will show peeling material. Some Foam Runners may also have mild peeling, but this is not a definitive indicator. If the peeling is severe and persistent throughout the entire hole cutouts, you should be suspicious of its authenticity.
fake yeezy foam runners

Are Yeezy Foam Runners Comfy?

These are super comfortable and you can wear them everywhere.

How To Yeezy Foam Runner Authenticated

If you aren’t confident with your authentication skills, it is a good idea to seek professional help.

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