What are the Easiest AP Classes?

Knowing the easiest AP classes can help you maintain your GPA while also getting college credit and appearing as though you are challenging yourself to colleges.

Some students have an interest in a particular subject area that led them to take AP classes, while others just want to get college credits for free.

easiest ap classes

Either way, it’s important to understand that there are different levels of difficulty when it comes to taking AP courses. It is also important to understnad that just because an AP Exam has a higher pass rate does not necessarily mean that the class or exam will be easier for you specifically. Similarly, there are also some easier AP classes out there that may make more sense for your academic needs. Take a look at some of these options below:

AP ExamPercentage of Students Who Scored 3 or Higher
Chinese Language88.2%
Art and Design: 2-D87.1%
Art and Design: Drawing86.2%
Chinese (Standard Group)88.2%
Spanish Language80%
Spanish Language (Standard Group)77.1%
Calculus BC75.2%
Japanese Language74.3%
Physics C Mechanics73.5%
Italian Language72.4%
Government & Politics Comparative71.8%
Art and Design: 3-D71.4%
French Language (Total Group)71.3%
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism69.5%
French Language (Standard Group)69%
Italian Language (Standard Group)68.7%
Computer Science Principles66.5%

Chinese Language

Exam Score (Standard Group)

Physics 265.3%
Computer Science A65.1%
German Language (Total Group)65.1%
Spanish Literature64.9%
Music Theory61.2%
Economics – Micro59.1%
English Language57.7%
German Language (Standard Group)57.3%
Art History55.3%
European History54.6%
Japanese Language (Standard Group)53.5%
Human Geography52.5%
World History52.2%
Economics – Macro51.3%
Calculus AB51%
Government & Politics United States50.4%
Environmental Science50.3%
United States History47.2%
English Literature43.9%
Physics 142.1%

1. AP Psychology | Easiest AP classes

AP Psychology is well known as one of the easiest AP classes. AP Psychology is also a very popular AP class, and for good reason. Psychology is a great major, and most colleges require at least one psychology class before graduation.

AP Psychology is an intensive course that requires students to learn both the principles of psychology as well as how to apply them in different situations.

If you’re interested in sociology or biology or even just want to know more about how your brain works (I’m looking at you, procrastinators), then this may be the perfect fit for you. Even though the pass rate for AP Psychology is 53.3% most people regard the class in general as easy.

2. AP Seminar | Easiest AP classes

AP Seminar is another one of the easiest AP classes. In this class students learn about skills in research, communication, and collaboration. The pass rate for AP seminar is 85%. You can read more about AP seminar here. AP Seminar is part of the AP capstone program and you can read about the AP Capstone program pros and cons in my post here.

3. AP Computer Science Principles  | Easiest AP classes

This course is meant for students who are interested in computer science but don’t necessarily want to learn about the ins and outs of programming. The class in general is regarded as one of the easiest AP classes, and it has an above average pass rate of 66.5%.

This college-level course introduces students to the field of computer science using the five Big Ideas: Creative Development, Data Algorithms & Programming, Computer Systems and Networks, and Impact of Computing.

4. AP Music Theory | Easiest AP classes

The AP Music Theory course is a great choice for students who enjoy music and the process of composing. The course is not as difficult as other AP classes, but it does require some time and focus to complete. The main focus of this class is theory rather than practical application, so if you’re interested in writing your own songs or playing an instrument, this might not be your best bet. Many schools don’t offer AP Music Theory though.

5. AP English Language and Composition | Easiest AP classes

AP English Language and Composition is one of the easiest AP classes. If you like to write, this is a good choice for you. It’s also a good class to take if you are interested in literature and want to take a language class.

AP English Language and Composition cover reading, writing, grammar, and rhetoric.

The course includes reading classic texts such as Shakespeare’s plays, Charles Dickens’ novels, and Mark Twain’s adventure stories; analyzing literary devices such as metaphor; analyzing how authors use language to convey meaning; discussing themes from various works with classmates through group discussions or essay prompts; learning about rhetorical strategies used by authors during different historical periods (Classical Period vs Romantic Period vs Victorian Period); composing essays based on topics assigned by teachers after reading literary works assigned by teachers.

6. AP Studio Art Drawing, and AP 2D and AP 3D | Easiest AP classes

AP Studio Art Drawing Portfolio is one of the easiest AP classes. Students are able to work at their own pace, turning in an extensive portfolio to earn college credit. Students who take this class have a lot of flexibility with the classwork. The teacher will provide them with different assignments throughout the year that allow them time to complete their final project.

7. AP Research | Easiest AP classes

For students who enjoy research projects and the process of submitting reports for credit, AP Research is the perfect class. In this course, you’ll learn how to conduct research in a variety of fields, then present your findings in an organized and digestible way. Students will also be trained on how to write a research paper using proper citations and bibliographies. For the AP exam, students turn in a research paper.

To make sure that your research stays accurate, students are taught about the different sources available for finding information—library databases, published articles, online databases (like Wikipedia), etc.—and how they can use them effectively.

Finally, students will learn how to access school-specific resources such as databases hosted by their own school or even other schools nearby!

This course teaches you how to identify key terms within a text before reading it–a skill that will help you understand what’s going on when reading later on! 

8. AP Human Geography

A lot of people also consider APHG very easy. If you like learning about the world and don’t have a problem/hate memorization, then this class will be easy for you.

9. AP Statistics

AP Statistics is considered an easy math class by people who take it, so if you’re still in need of a math requirement and AP stats is an option, go for stats instead of calculus if you hate math.

10. AP Environmental Science

The class is generally easy but AP Environmental Science has one of the lowest rates of students who score 5 on the test.

Note: Don’t take an AP calculus or physics class if you struggle in and don’t like math!

  • You don’t have to take a calculus or physics class when you know you’ll struggle so badly that you’ll get overwhelmed and might fail.
  • Usually most difficult classes are those that require a lot of memorization, like AP US History. If your brain finds it hard to retain information, then this is not the class for you. Many people enjoy history but hate memorizing dates and events, so it’s important to know whether or not an AP US History course is right for you before taking it!


The truth is, there are no easy AP classes. There aren’t even any “easier” AP classes, at least not in the traditional sense.

All AP courses require students to do a lot of work, study hard, and take advantage of resources that will help them succeed on the exam.

However, there are some subjects that are more approachable than others—and if you can find one of those subjects in your course catalog (or on the next college application), then go for it!

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