Doodle Defender

Doodle Defender: A Creative Way to Practice Your Defense Strategies

Tower defense games have always been a favorite among game enthusiasts. They give us the thrill of strategy making and the satisfaction of defending our base from enemies. However, the classic defense games can get repetitive and monotonous. Enter Doodle Defender, a fresh take on tower defense games with a creative twist.

Doodle Defender is a casual defense game that introduces a combination of hand-drawn artwork and defense strategy. With vibrant colors and quirky doodles, it translates the idea of tower defense games in a unique way. It’s a perfect game for those who like to experience non-stop action while challenging their tactical skills.


The gameplay of Doodle Defender is simple yet challenging. It starts with drawing your own towers, also known as “Inks.” You can choose from a variety of colors and thickness to make your ink stand out. The ink will automatically transform into a tower, and voila! You’re ready to defend.

The next step involves placing the towers strategically to defend your territory. You can drag and drop the towers to the desired position. Be careful! The enemies will keep attacking, and it’s your duty to learn where to place towers for maximum defense.

The enemies appear in waves, and each level increases in difficulty. Doodle Defender features different types of enemies, such as aggressive cars, helicopters, and monsters. Each enemy has its unique strengths and weakness, which you need to identify before placing your defense.


Doodle Defender comes packed with exciting features that make the game even more fun to play. Here are a few notable ones:


Power-ups can help you in dire situations. They can increase your firepower, slow down the enemies, or heal your towers. However, you need to have an eye out for them and grab them before the enemy does!


You can upgrade your defenses by investing in “Tech” points. Tech points are earned in the game and can be used to upgrade your towers’ abilities. Upgraded towers can fire more shots or be more powerful, making them indispensable in later levels.


Doodle Defender has three different modes to keep you engaged. The first mode is the standard tower defense mode, where you need to defend your territory from enemies. The second mode, Survival mode, is where you need to survive wave after wave of enemies as long as possible. Finally, Challenge mode provides extra tasks, such as destroying a certain number of enemies, making it even more difficult.


The best feature of Doodle Defender is the variety of strategies you can employ. The game encourages experimentation, and you can come up with different tactics to defeat waves of enemies. Some of the popular defense strategies are:

Circle formation: This strategy involves creating a circle of towers around the base, making it difficult for the enemy to penetrate through.

Sniper: This strategy involves placing towers far from the base and targeting one enemy at a time. This strategy is suitable for taking down powerful enemies that require focused firepower.

Tower blocking: This strategy involves placing towers in a way that blocks the enemy’s path. It’s a useful technique for slowing down waves of enemies.


Tower defense games have always been a favorite for game enthusiasts. But Doodle Defender takes it to a whole new level. It combines the elements of creativity, strategy, and defense, resulting in a unique gaming experience. Its colorful graphics and challenging gameplay will keep you engaged for hours.

In conclusion, Doodle Defender is a fun way to practice your defense skills in a creative way. With its unique features and diverse strategies, it’s a game that will keep you coming back for more. So, grab your drawing pad and start defending!

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