Do second semester senior year grades matter?

Second semester senior year grades matter. Do know that if you apply regular decision your colleges will take your first semester grades into account. If you apply early action/decision they will not look at your senior year first semester because your first semester hasn’t been completed yet. If you’re a senior you might be wanting to relax your second semester senior year after you’ve finished applying for college, which is why you are asking “Do second semester senior year grades matter?”

Senioritis is a condition that students may experience after they submit college or university applications. Students will allow themselves to relax after months of hard work, in order to enjoy the last months of high school. Even though a lower course load may be acceptable, senior year grades are just as important as the first semester.

do second semester senior year grades matter

Case 1: You were already accepted to a college | Do second semester senior year grades matter

Let’s say you were already accepted to a college either through early action/decision or regular decision. In any case, your high school has to send your second semester senior year grades to the accepted college that you have chosen to attend. If the college you were accepted to sees a dramatic drop in your grades they can rescind your application. 

Case 2: You were waitlisted to a college | Do second semester senior year grades matter

My school counselor told me that my school only sends second semester senior year grades to the college that you have been accepted to and are choosing to attend. High schools don’t send your second semester senior year grades to waitlisted colleges. To improve your chances of getting off the waitlist write a letter of continued interest! You can also improve your extracurriculars and find an internship in high school. You can read my guide on how to find an internship in high school!


Case 3: You were deferred from early action/decision 

If your early decision plan was binding, know that being deferred from early decision means that getting accepted to that college will no longer be binding.

You will need to update the school if you are added to a waiting list or deferred earlier action. This will include your grades from the second semester in your senior year at high school. Colleges and universities are looking for consistency or improvements, so don’t be lazy.

It’s unlikely that schools will reconsider admitting you if you have a lower course load or your grades are not up to par. Admissions officers will notice that you are serious about your studies and perform well when you are not around.


Case 4: You were rejected

Here’s a cute duck video and picture to cheer you up 😀


Admitted Students and Applicants for Regular Decision

While admissions boards tend to focus on your first semester senior year grades when reviewing your application, universities and colleges can also request second semester grades.

It is possible that you don’t even know that a school requested additional information from you school. Many schools don’t respond to regular decision applicants until April. It’s important that you keep track of your grades in spring.


End of the Year Reports

Although not all universities or colleges require end-of-year reports to be submitted, they are often taken seriously by those who do. They might send a rescinding letter to students who have failed second-semester classes.

This is terrible news for anyone, especially if they have already paid their deposit and are moving in. This scenario is unlikely but it’s possible.


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