DEUL: The Ultimate Shooting Game

Are you a fan of shooting games that require quick reflexes, strategy, and precision? Then DEUL is the game for you. DEUL is an action-packed shooting game that tests your hand-eye coordination and strategic decision-making skills. The game is developed by Greenlight Games and is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.

Gameplay and Features

DEUL is set in a minimalist environment, making the game more accessible to players of all ages. It has a simple interface that is easy to navigate. There are two modes of play in DEUL – Campaign and Duel.

In Campaign mode, you take on different missions that increase in difficulty as you progress through the levels. Your goal is to eliminate your targets as quickly as possible before they fire back at you. Campaign mode also allows you to unlock new weapons, making it easier to take on tougher challenges.

In Duel mode, you face off against other players in a quick-draw competition. The game’s fast-paced nature makes for very thrilling gameplay, with players having to shoot first to win.


DEUL has a wide array of weapons that are unlocked as you progress through the game. These include pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenades, and many others. Each weapon has its unique characteristics that make them suitable for different situations. For instance, pistols are perfect for quick-fire situations, while rifles are ideal for long-range shots.


DEUL offers two types of control methods: one-handed and two-handed. One-handed controls are suitable for those who prefer using their thumbs to shoot, while two-handed controls require you to use both hands, one to aim and the other to shoot. Both control methods feel intuitive and allow for a high level of precision in shooting.

Graphics and Sound

DEUL’s graphics are minimalistic, but they still manage to capture the game’s action-packed nature. The game’s sound effects are also well-designed and help enhance the player’s immersive experience.

In-Game Store

DEUL also has an in-game store where you can use in-game currency to purchase new weapons and equipment. You can also use real money to buy in-game currency and unlock new content.


DEUL is undoubtedly one of the best shooting games available in the market. Its minimalist design, high-speed action, and excellent features make it perfect for casual gamers who want to pass the time or hardcore gamers looking for a challenging experience. Download DEUL today for free and experience all the action and excitement it has to offer.

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