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Dachsbun Pokémon

Dachsbun is a stout, canine Pokémon that has been introduced in Generation IX. This Pokémon has a unique appearance and distinct characteristics, which make it stand out among other Pokémon. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything there is to know about Dachsbun, including its appearance, abilities, moves, and more.

Dachsbun Appearance

Dachsbun has a unique and striking appearance, with an elongated body that gives it a distinct shape. Its fur is primarily brown, with various shades of lighter and darker brown on its head, snout, ears, neck, back, tail, and paws, along with a yellow underbelly. It has black beady eyes with two small eyebrow-like protrusions above them, and a long snout with a small, dark triangular nose. Its ears, together with the dewlap around its neck, resemble bread rolls. On its back is a series of protuberances that resemble a braid, and its tail is circular and somewhat flattened. It has shaggy tufts of yellow fur on its neck and the tip of its tail, and its feet have pale yellow paw pads and three yellow claws each.


Dachsbun’s body emanates a pleasant, appetizing aroma, which helps wheat to grow; thus, Dachsbun is historically treasured by farming villages. When exposed to intense heat, Dachsbun’s skin will harden; this is showcased by its signature Ability, Well-Baked Body. This Ability grants Dachsbun immunity to Fire-type moves, and it also causes damage to the attacker when hit by a contact move. Well-Baked Body is a powerful Ability that makes Dachsbun a formidable opponent in battle.

Dachsbun Moves

Dachsbun has a wide range of moves that it can learn, both by leveling up and by using TMs. Some of its signature moves include Tackle, Lick, Tail Whip, Covet, and Bite. As it levels up, Dachsbun can also learn moves such as Baby-Doll Eyes, Play Rough, Baton Pass, and Crunch, among others. TMs can also teach Dachsbun a variety of moves, including Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, and Dazzling Gleam.


Pokedex Entries

Dachsbun is a rare Pokémon, and it is treasured by farming villages for its ability to help wheat grow. Its pleasant aroma is also noted in several Pokedex entries. In Scarlet, the Pokedex entry states that “The pleasant aroma that emanates from this Pokémon’s body helps wheat grow, so Dachsbun has been treasured by farming villages.” In Violet, the Pokedex entry notes that “The surface of this Pokémon’s skin hardens when exposed to intense heat, and its body has an appetizing aroma.”

In the Anime

Dachsbun has not yet appeared in the anime, but it is likely to make an appearance in future episodes.

In the Manga

Dachsbun has not yet appeared in any manga series.

In the TCG

He has made an appearance in the TCG, where it is featured in various cards. Its unique appearance and abilities make it a valuable addition to any collection.

Game Data

Dachsbun is a rare Pokémon that can only be found in specific locations in the game. In Scarlet and Violet, Dachsbun can be found in South Province: Area Six, East Province: Area Three, West Province: Area Three, and Tera Raid Battles (4★, 6★).


Dachsbun has a balanced stat distribution, with a base stat total of 477. Its HP stat is 57, and Dachsbun is a unique and interesting Pokemon that has a special ability that sets it apart from other Pokemon. Its Well-Baked Body ability makes it immune to fire-type moves, which is a handy trait to have in battles. Additionally, Dachsbun’s pleasant aroma helps wheat to grow, which has made it a valuable Pokemon for farming villages in the past.

In terms of appearance, Dachsbun is certainly eye-catching. Its elongated body, shaggy tufts of yellow fur, and bread roll-like ears make it stand out from other canine-like Pokemon. Its circular and somewhat flattened tail is also an interesting feature, as it’s not commonly seen in other Pokemon.

HIs move set is also notable, with a mix of physical and status moves that can help it in battles. Its Play Rough and Crunch moves can deal significant damage to opponents, while its Baton Pass and Helping Hand moves can be used to support teammates in double battles.

Overall, this is a Pokemon worth considering if you’re looking for a unique and versatile addition to your team. Its combination of unique appearance, valuable ability, and useful move set make it a well-rounded Pokemon that can hold its own in battles.

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