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The croller is a circular seekbar for Android. In this article, we will explore the implementation of a circular Seekbar in Android using Croller. The Seekbar is a type of progress bar that allows users to adjust the current progress by dragging the bar from left to right or vice versa. Croller is a tool used to create circular Seekbars in Android.

A SeekBar in Android is a type of progress bar that allows the user to select a value within a continuous range of values by moving a thumb or cursor along the bar.

This is what a Croller looks like:

XML AttributeJava set methodFunctionality
anticlockwisesetAntiClockwise(boolean anticlockwise)Set the direction of rotation
progresssetProgress(int progress)Set the current progress of the seekbar
labelsetLabel(String str)Set the label
label_sizesetLabelSize(int size)Set the label size
label_colorsetLabelColor(int color)Set the label color
is_continuoussetIsContinuous(boolean bool)Set whether seekbar is continuous or discrete
maxsetMax(int max)Set the maximum value of the seekbar
minsetMin(int min)Set the minimum value of the seekbar (Default is 1)
start_offsetsetStartOffset(int offset)Set the seekbar start offset angle from bottom horizontal center
sweep_anglesetSweepAngle(int angle)Set the total angle covered by the seekbar
progress_primary_stroke_widthsetProgressPrimaryStrokeWidth(float width)Set the primary progress thickness for continuous type
progress_secondary_stroke_widthsetProgressSecondaryStrokeWidth(float width)Set the secondary progress thickness for continuous type
progress_primary_circle_sizesetProgressPrimaryCircleSize(float size)Set the primary progress circle size for discrete type
progress_secondary_circle_sizesetProgressSecondaryCircleSize(float size)Set the secondary progress circle size for discrete type
indicator_widthsetIndicatorWidth(float width)Set the progress indicator width
indicator_colorsetIndicatorColor(int color)Set the progress indicator color
progress_primary_colorsetProgressPrimaryColor(int color)Set the progress primary(active) color
progress_secondary_colorsetProgressSecondaryColor(int color)Set the progress secondary(inactive) color
progress_radius setProgressRadius(float radius)Set the radius of the progress arc
main_circle_radiussetMainCircleRadius(float radius)Set the main(front) circle radius
back_circle_radiussetBackCircleRadius(float radius)Set the back circle radius
main_circle_colorsetMainCircleColor(int color)Set the main(front) circle color
back_circle_colorsetBackCircleColor(int color)Set the back circle color

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