Crime City 3D 2

Crime City 3D 2 – The Ultimate Crime Experience

Crime City 3D 2 is a must-play game for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of being a criminal and feel like they’re in a real-life city environment. This game is a sequel to the popular game “Crime City 3D” and is packed with even more amazing graphics, a vast open-world environment, and action-packed missions.


The game starts with you creating your character, choosing your outfit, and weapons before heading out to the city of Los Angeles. Your primary objective in the game is to complete various criminal activities such as robbing banks, kidnapping wealthy individuals, and stealing cars.

One of the unique features of Crime City 3D 2 is the open-world environment that allows players to roam around the city freely. You can go anywhere you want, steal any car, and engage in gunfights with the law enforcement agents.


Crime City 3D 2 has a variety of missions that players can complete to progress through the game. The missions range from simple car theft to complex bank robberies that require careful planning and execution.

One of the most exciting missions in the game is the “Jewelry Store Heist,” where players have to plan and execute a heist on a heavily guarded jewelry store. This mission requires careful planning, coordination, and precise execution.

Another notable mission is the “Airport Heist,” where players have to infiltrate the airport and steal a valuable artifact without getting caught by the law enforcement agents.

Weapons and Vehicles

The game has a vast collection of weapons that you can obtain throughout the gameplay. You can purchase weapons from the black market or steal them from the police officers.

Crime City 3D 2 also has a massive collection of vehicles that you can steal and use to complete your missions. You can find anything from small hatchbacks to luxury sports cars, which makes the game even more enjoyable.

Graphics and Sound

One of the highlights of Crime City 3D 2 is its stunning graphics and immersive sound design. The city environment is well-designed, and the attention to detail is impressive. The buildings, cars, and road signs all look realistic, which makes the game more enjoyable.

The sound design in the game is also fantastic. The gunshots, car engine sounds, and police sirens all sound true to life, which adds to the immersion of the game. The background music is also well-placed and adds to the overall experience of the game.


Crime City 3D 2 offers a multiplayer mode that allows players to team up and complete missions together. This feature adds to the replayability of the game and makes it more exciting.

In the multiplayer mode, players can form gangs and compete against each other for territory. This feature adds another layer of gameplay and makes the game more immersive.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Crime City 3D 2 is an excellent game that offers a thrilling and immersive experience for anyone who wants to feel like a criminal operating in a city environment. The open-world environment, vast collection of weapons and vehicles, well-designed graphics, and sound design all work together to create an enjoyable gaming experience.

If you’ve played the original Crime City 3D game, then you’ll definitely love this sequel. The game offers even more exciting missions, a multiplayer mode, and improved graphics, making it one of the best crime games out there. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your weapons and start robbing banks in Crime City 3D 2.

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