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Computer science internships for high school students

1. Google CSSI

Google CSSI is one of the most well known computer science internships for high school students. It is an online introduction to computer science (CS), for rising college students. It’s a three-week course that is available online for students who are passionate about technology, especially those who identify with marginalized groups in the field. However, it is not really an internship, but more of a paid program where you learn about computer science. CSSI aims to inspire tomorrow’s tech leaders and innovators and increase self-confidence, agency, as well as efficacy. Computer science fundamentals will be taught to students. They will also participate in workshops that promote self-care, identity and career development and community building with industry professionals and peers. Students get a stipend of $1500 for the three weeks of the program.

computer science internships for high school students

2. Fermilab

If you are a high schooler in Illinois, Fermilab offers three different computer science internships for high school students. One of them is the TARGET program. The TARGET Program offers a six-week internship for high school juniors and sophomores in Illinois who are interested in physics, math, and engineering. It combines work and learning through experiential learning. The other program is called QuarkNet. QuarkNet provides summer research opportunities in science, technology and engineering for students with strong mathematical and scientific aptitudes. For seven weeks, students work with scientists on projects that are related to Fermilab’s research program. Fermilab also offers the Valor JROTC Program, which is a six-week, highly competitive, paid summer internship for Illinois JROTC high schools juniors, seniors, and recent graduates. Interns are responsible for providing routine technical support in the assigned area, usually an experiment or support group. Under the supervision of Fermilab employees, tasks are completed in collaboration with scientists, engineers, support personnel, and project teams.

3. Data Science Institute

For Chicago high schoolers specifically, UChicago offers the Date Science Institute program which is a computer science research program for students who are high school freshmen and above. This is also one of the highest paying of the computer sciecne internships for high school students. The pay is very good for the summer for high schoolers at about $5,500.

4. Syracuse University’s (SU)  Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) Research Internship Program

The 6-week, non-residential Summer Research Internship Program at Syracuse University (SU) is for rising 12th grade students from the greater Syracuse region. This program is offered by the College of Engineering and Computer Science to high-achieving Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM-oriented) high school students. It aims to spark and deepen students’ interest in pursuing a STEM career. 

5. HOPP Summer Student Program

Every participant in the HOPP summer student program is assigned an 8-week internship at MSKCC. This internship can be either biomedical, or computational lab-based. Each student is assigned a mentor, who oversees their activities and helps them to develop the necessary skills. Students complete a self directed project during the internship that contributes to the mentor’s and/or principal investigator’s research goals. Students are exposed to many people in their laboratories and the MSKCC community through participation in program sessions and laboratory meetings. Students get paid a stipend of $1200 bi weekly for the eight week program.

6. Microsoft high school internship

The Microsoft High School Discovery Program is available to rising high school seniors who live within 50 miles from Redmond, Washington. The program is open to students who are at least 16 years of age and who have legal rights to work in the United States. The applicants will be paid and must be available to work for four consecutive weeks (July 11, 2022-28). The curriculum is designed to teach programming basics and prepare students for a career in the tech industry. Students also get mentorship from Microsoft employees.

7. Maryland State Archives, using computer technology for history archival work program

This is an unpaid volunteer computer science high school internship for high schoolers of any age. Interns can engage in many activities related to the management, processing, and interpretation of archival collections. Each intern’s duties will vary. However, they may include research, reference, art history/handling and writing. The internship program places a strong emphasis on computer technology in both historical and archival practice.

Applicants need to be ready for remote and on-site work. As you get closer to the volunteer start date, interns will find out if they will be able work at the Archives’ Annapolis and Woodlawn locations. Because some work is remote, applicants must have internet access in order to complete assignments off-site.

8. NASA high school internships | Computer science internships for high school students

There are NASA high school internships. These internships are available only to high school students who reside in certain states. These internships are typically only available to students who live in Maryland, Virginia and New York. You can apply for this internship here: These programs are paid.

9. Maydm high school internships | Computer science internships for high school students

Maydm offers skill-based training to students of color and girls in the technology sector. Their interns are female high school students or students of color who have completed at minimum one of our immersive programs.
Eligibilitiy: You must be a rising junior or senior high school student, available to work full-time for 7 weeks during the summer, and attended a Maydm immersive summer program, or has had a comparable experience to a Maydm immersive program (considered by a case by case basis). The program takes place in Wisconsin.

10. Research Science Institute | Computer science internships for high school students

This program is very competitive to get and its highly regarded by colleges as a great paid high school summer internship. The Research Science Institute (RSI) brings together 80 of the most talented high school students around the globe every summer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. RSI, the first summer science & technology program that is free to students, combines on-campus courses in scientific theory and off-campus research in science and engineering.The entire research process is experienced by participants. Participants read and analyze the latest literature, create and execute a detailed research strategy, and present their findings at conferences.First, RSI scholars take part in a week-long intensive STEM class with experienced professors. The five-week research internship is where students work on their own projects under the guidance of mentors who have extensive experience as scientists and researchers. Students prepare oral and written presentations about their research projects during the last week of RSI.

11. Ross and Verna Tate High School Internship Program (HIP) for grades 10,11,12 at University of Alberta

The Ross And Verna Tate Computer Science High School Internship Program is a great way for you to learn more about computing, make new friends, and make money. You’ll also have a great job to add to your resume. They select students based on their grades and interests. They will match your interests to the right project.Minimum wage will be paid for the 6-week term based on 30 hours per semaine. You will be considered a “Casual Level1” employee at University of Alberta upon your internship appointment.This 6-week internship program runs in July and August. You may not be eligible if your summer activities conflict with the work term. This computer science internship for high school students is offerred by the University of Alberta, so you’d probably want to be a high schooler in Canada to apply.

13. RBC Summer Tech Labs | Computer science internships for high school students

RBC Summer Tech Labs offers a paid internship that lasts eight weeks (July 4, 2022 – August 24, 2022). It is open to students in grades 11-12. Students will work in small groups to improve their technical and professional skills while solving real-world problems faced by RBC throughout the summer. Students will be able to gain valuable knowledge from workshops and mentorship, as well as practical experience in deploying code into an RBC environment.
Eligibility for the program:
  • Current student at an Ontario, Canada high school. Passionate about Computer Science, Engineering or Entrepreneurship.
  • Knowledge of at least one programming language
  • Experience with technology concepts and coding (attended hackathons or clubs, tech-focused programs, etc.).
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal as well as written)
  • A team player who is eager to work with others to find solutions.
  • You are a creative and analytical thinker, who can work in a fast-paced environment and is self-motivated.
  • MS Office Skills – Word Outlook Excel Excel PowerPoint

14. Nokia Future Tech Summer Internship program | Computer science internships for high school students

Nokia Future Tech Summer Internship Program will allow you to explore technology as a high school student. The internship program is eight weeks long and you will be working with the Nokia engineering teams to solve real technical problems. You will be able to contribute meaningfully while learning valuable lessons from a Nokia Future Tech Mentor. You’ll discover new opportunities and learn skills that will allow you to make an impact on the future technology. Interns earn $16 an hour. Interns must also be legally able to work in Canada and possess a SIN

15. Tech Flex Leaders

Tech Flex Leaders (TFL), a program that provides an immersive experience for seniors and juniors who are enrolled in a university, is a program that allows them to work outside of school hours. New York City Or Los Angeles High school Students are encouraged to become interested in technology by participating in this program:

  • Industry experts present weekly technical training sessions
  • Intersectional professional education sessions designed to help students confidently pursue technology careers and degrees
  • Mentorship and career opportunities with representatives of leading technology companies

Program Schedule

  • Tech Flex Leaders meets once per week for nine months, beginning the week of September 12th. You can choose to be part of a cohort on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 4:30 and 6:30 PM.
  • The week of September 12th, student orientation will be held in person.
  • The technical sessions will begin on September 19th. Zoom will be used for most sessions. Final project build days, mandatory Demo Days, and graduations will all be in-person.

Program Curriculum:

  • The first semester will teach students how to code using web development. They will also learn HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. The semester will end with a Demo Day Competition in which top teams from all cohorts present their final web projects before a panel judges.
  • Students will select a track in the second semester to learn more about technology, such as advanced web development, UX design and digital marketing.
  • [NYC] After completing the Spring and Fall semesters successfully, NYC Tech Flex Leaders will collaborate with our team to secure a paid summer tech internship in our strong employer network. This is the final component of TFL’s model. It was created to help students get started in technology careers. *Students in the LA program are eligible to apply for selected roles as they become available.

16. Amazon Future Engineer internship | Computer science internships for high school students

The Amazon Future Engineer scholarship + internship is a great opportunity that students can apply for in the fall of their senior year of high school. Students who win the opportunity get $40,000 for college ($10,000 for each of the 4 years of high school) and a paid programming internship at Amazon the summer after their freshman year of college. Even though it is not technically a high school computer science internship, it is a great opportunity that you apply for in high school.
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