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Cirkus Showtimes

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Cirkus is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language movie, which is a period comedy film directed and produced by Rohit Shetty, jointly produced by Rohit Shetty Productionz and T-Series. The film stars Ranveer Singh and Varun Sharma in dual roles, with Pooja Hegde and Jacqueline Fernandez in supporting roles. The movie’s plot revolves around two sets of identical twins who are mixed up at birth and encounter each other as adults.

cirkus showtimes

Cirkus is the fifth installment of the Golmaal franchise, and it is a spin-off to the 2017 film Golmaal Again. It is also a remake of the 1982 Hindi film Angoor, which is based on William Shakespeare’s play, The Comedy of Errors. Principal photography for the movie began in November 2020 in Mumbai, and some of it took place in Ooty.

The movie was released theatrically on 23 December 2022. Unfortunately, the film received negative reviews from critics and became one of the biggest commercial failures of 2022.

Cirkus Movie Description | Cirkus Showtimes

The movie tells the story of Dr. Roy Jamnadas, who in 1944, while working on the theory of nature versus nurture, separates two sets of identical twins he finds at the doorstep of the orphanage he runs. He gives them up for adoption to two different families in different cities. The twins are named Roy and Joy, and they grow up with different personalities and lives. Roy 1 and Joy 1 take over their father’s circus after his death, and Roy 2 and Joy 2 grow up with a wealthy industrialist father.

The story fast-forwards 30 years. Roy 1’s wife, Mala, cannot conceive and wishes to adopt a child, but Roy 1 is against the idea. Roy 2 is in love with Bindu, but her father is suspicious of him as he has seen Roy 1 with Mala in Ooty, and mistakenly thinks that he is cheating on Bindu. Meanwhile, both sets of twins are confused for each other when Roy 2 and Joy 2 visit Ooty, and three robbers, a cab driver, and a dacoit-turned-hotel owner all become involved. When Mala is mistaken for the leader of the gang, the confusion only deepens.

As the story progresses, all the misunderstandings and confusions are cleared when both sets of twins come face to face at the circus, and Dr. Jamnadas reveals the truth to them. The twins reconcile, and Roy 1 and Mala adopt a child from the orphanage, while Roy 2 and Bindu plan to get married. The movie ends with five orphan boys coming to stay at the orphanage, which hints at the events before the sequel, Golmaal Again.

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