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Chanel Fakes VS Real

Taking a look at Leather To Spot a Fake Chanel Bag

First, pay attention to the leather. Chanel bags are made from genuine leather that is either lambskin, or caviar skin. Lambskin leather has a soft, velvety feel and a buttery sheen. Even if lambskin leather has never been touched in your life before, you will soon understand what it means to be high-quality and ultra soft.

Because it only uses the finest materials, it is obvious that it is a luxury item. You have the right to be suspicious if your bag is not smooth, but it’s not soft. Caviar leather is made from calfskin and has grains. It is more tactile than lambskin and has a stronger feel.

Chanel handbag fans prefer the leather’s pebbled finish. You should feel the raised dimples when you hold a Chanel handbag.

This is a comparison of a replica with higher quality, which should make it more precise. Caviar leather might be a confusing term. It is extremely durable, grainy, and still looks great after many years of wear. As you can see, authentic leather has an “engraved” look while replica leather has a smooth surface. This is in direct contradiction to the idea of caviar. The authentic quilted material is puffier and more dense than the fake, which is quite flat.

chanel fakes

Look at the Side Of The Bag To Spot A Chanel Fake

The genuine Classic Flap bag is quite wide at the bottom, and becomes thinner at the top. This contrast is not there on the fake model which shows how little space there is inside. We’ve already spoken about caviar leather. But, we want to highlight this distinction again. The authentic bag is more textured than the fake, and the fake material is almost as smooth. You can also see the difference in the softness and strength of the genuine leather, while the fake material appears solid.

Are you following our steps? Do not panic if it seems too difficult. You can use our authentication to have your item verified. Our team is available 24 hours a day!

real vs fake chanel bag

Authenticity Cards

Some authenticity cards may not be genuine. To quickly determine if an authenticity card is authentic, look at the number of numbers in the code. It will have 6 digits if the bag was manufactured between 1984 and 1986. If it was made between 1986 to 2004, it will have 7 digits. If it was made after 2005, it will have 8 digits. Chanel does not currently issue authenticity cards that have more than 9 digits.

chanel authenticity cards


This is a good sign as Chanel uses a lot of stitches to keep the bag’s original form. Chanel bags will have up to 11 stitches per panel. This is the distance between the sides of the diamond shape. A replica Chanel bag will usually have fewer stitches per panel.

Another difference between replica bags and genuine bags is the lining. A genuine bag’s lining is flat against the material, with no visible bumps or lumps. Fake bags may be made of inferior leather that can easily crease and even become a little loose.

real chanel bag stitching


The outside of a Chanel bag is made from high-quality leather. But the interior has the same quality. A Chanel authentic flap bag has a taut or tight-fitting lining. It is extremely luxurious and smooth to the touch.

If the lining is wrinkled, creased, bumpy, or has bubbles or bubbles, then it’s likely that you have been deceived. You probably have a fake Chanel bag if it feels and looks tight when it was purchased. However, the lining will begin to loosen or pull away over time.

Chanel Fakes shouldn’t be able to stand upright

Leigh Chanel empty purses should be able to stand on their own. If your empty purse keeps falling apart, you have doubts.

Frequently Asked Question

Does every Chanel bag have a serial number.

Since 1984, serial numbers were used by Chanel.

How do you know how old a Chanel bag?

To determine the age of your Chanel bag’s Chanel bag, count how many digits are on the serial sticker. If your bag has seven digits, it means Chanel made it between 1986-2005. If your purse’s number is 8 then it was released in the late 2005 or early 2006, respectively.

To find the exact year, you can look up the start numbers of your serial number online.

What’s the Difference

Many fake Chanel bags are available on the market and they look authentic. A class-A counterfeit can make one or more errors. You can tell the difference between genuine lambskin leather and fake caviar leather by the hardware or authenticity card.

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