Cell Machine

Cell Machine: A Journey into the Intricacies of the Human Cell

The human body is a complex machine made up of billions of cells. Each cell is a minuscule structure with various organelles that work together to perform the cell’s functions. For a layperson, understanding the intricacies of cells is a daunting task. This is where Cell Machine comes in. It is a visual aid designed to educate people in an engaging and interactive manner about the human cell. In this blog post, we will uncover the inner workings of Cell Machine and how it is changing how we learn about cells.

Introduction to Cell Machine

Cell Machine is a web-based interactive application that allows users to explore and understand the workings of the human cell. It was developed by the University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center, in partnership with game developers at Filament Games. The application was designed to cater to different levels of science backgrounds, from high school students to medical professionals.

Upon launching the app, users are taken through a guided tour of the cell and its structures, including the membrane, nucleus, mitochondria, and endoplasmic reticulum. The app allows users to zoom in and out of individual structures to explore their functions and interactions with other structures. Users can also perform experiments on the cell to understand how the different organelles work together.

Exploring the Cell Machine

The layout of the Cell Machine is user-friendly and intuitive. Users can navigate the app using a variety of methods, including mouse clicks, keyboard commands, and touch screen gestures. The app’s interface is accessible, and the instructions are clear, making it easy for even novice users to operate.

One of the most impressive features of the Cell Machine is its 3D graphics, which help bring the cell to life. The app’s visuals are stunning and make learning about the cell a fascinating experience. Users can interact with the app and observe how the different structures move, change shape, and position themselves.

Through the app, users can see in real-time the cell’s processes, such as protein synthesis, DNA replication, and energy production. The app also has a built-in library that provides detailed information about each organelle, its function, and importance to the cell. The library is easily accessible, and users can read up on the cell’s processes without interrupting their learning flow.

Experiments in Cell Machine

The app’s experiments are one of its most exciting features. It allows users to simulate experiments to gain a better understanding of how different structures interact and function. The experiments are categorised into different levels of difficulty, making it easy for users to choose an experiment that aligns with their skill level.

The experiments range from basic tasks, such as identifying different organelles in the cell, to advanced tasks, such as the study of the effects of mutations on the cell. One experiment that stands out is the “Membrane Transport” experiment. This experiment involves the transport of molecules through the cell’s membrane. Users must select the appropriate molecules, such as glucose, amino acids, and ions, and transport them across the membrane. The experiment shows how different molecules have different transport mechanisms and how the cell regulates the entry and exit of these molecules.

Another experiment is the “Mitosis” experiment, which simulates the process by which the cell divides. Users can observe how the different structures align and redistribute themselves to form new cells. The experiment is a great way to understand how mitosis occurs and how it affects cell division.

The Future of Cell Machine

Cell Machine is a game-changing application in the field of science education. It provides an engaging and interactive way for users to learn about the cell and its structures. The app is perfect for science teachers who want to supplement their classroom lectures with interactive and visual materials. It is also great for students who want to learn about the cell in a self-paced and structured environment.

The app’s developers are continually updating the app’s content, adding new experiments and features to enhance the user’s experience. With technological advancements, Cell Machine could be integrated with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology, further enhancing the user’s learning experience.


Cell Machine is a revolutionary application that is changing how we learn about the human cell. It is designed to educate and engage users in a fun and interactive way. The app presents a new understanding of how science education can be approached and how technology can help in this regard. With its intuitive interface, stunning visuals, and range of experiments, Cell Machine is a great tool for students and teachers alike. The app’s feedback mechanism also allows users to assess their progress accurately. This powerful application has made studying the cell both easy and enjoyable and is paving the way for more interactive science education.

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