Cactus McCoy

Cactus McCoy: The Wild West Adventure Game You Can’t Put Down

Cactus McCoy is a flash game release from Flipline Studios in 2011, a Wild West adventure where you, the titular character, are tasked with finding the cursed Serpent Blade whilst dodging obstacles and battling foes. The game follows the traditional side-scrolling arcade format that Flipline has become well known for with endless runner Papa Louie, and differs from other games in the platformer genre by offering elements of RPGs and beat em up games.


The gameplay of Cactus McCoy follows a simple premise – you need to progress across levels and gain points by fighting enemies, collecting treasure, and solving puzzles. However, the game accomplishes these objectives with diverse gameplay mechanics, such as jumping, climbing, running, sliding, and swinging. Moreover, Cactus McCoy has an unusual combat system, which involves picking up and using different weapons, from shovels to guns, and even cacti.

The game also features power-ups, such as health and stamina boosts, and collectibles, such as hidden treasures and artifacts scattered throughout levels. Furthermore, the game requires players to memorize and take note of level layouts, as it’s all too easy to get lost or be ambushed by enemies. Most levels culminate in challenging boss fights, which call for strategic thinking and quick reflexes.

Graphics and Sound

Cactus McCoy’s graphics quality is top-notch, with detailed sprite animation, smooth transitions, and varied backgrounds. Levels are designed with different color palettes, ranging from vibrant and lush environments to dark and dangerous caves, which add further depth to the game’s storyline. In addition to great visuals, the game’s ambient sound design features a mix of playful Wild West music and realistic sound effects, such as the screeching of creatures and breaking of objects.


One of the most substantial aspects of Cactus McCoy is its roster of unique and quirky characters. McCoy himself is memorable for his cactus arm, which he gains early in the game and is as useful as it is unusual. Other characters include the villainous and cursed hunters who are in pursuit of McCoy, creating the bulk of the game’s enemies, and characters like the old and wise Prospector Pete who offers hints and tips to help advance through levels.

Moreover, the game offers a total of nine playable characters, each with their own unique abilities, playstyle, and personalities. These include characters such as the speedy and agile Lilly or the powerful and burly Enemigo. Unlocking the different characters adds a lot of replayability to the game, as it provides a fresh and exciting experience through different playstyles.


Upon its release, Cactus McCoy was well-received by casual gamers and praised highly for its addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics. The game has since gained a cult following and has been recognized as one of Flipline Studios’ finest offerings. While it hasn’t been updated or re-released since 2011, it still draws players today to clock up high scores and defeat the bosses.

In conclusion, Cactus McCoy is an excellent game that offers a fine mix of arcade-style platforming and RPG gaming. Its simple yet engaging gameplay, coupled with its beautiful graphics and sound quality, make it a prime example of a game that excels through a back-to-basics approach. Its quirky and memorable cast of characters and replayability through the unlockable partners makes it a game that should still be played today by casual gamers who are looking for a game that can be picked up and played for a few minutes or for hours of fun.

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