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Bryan Kohberger

Bryan Kohberger, the suspect in the slayings of four University of Idaho students, was arrested nearly seven weeks after the murders on Friday, Dec. 30 in Pennsylvania. Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin were all killed on Nov. 13 in an off-campus rental home in Moscow, Idaho. Kohberger, 28, was charged with four counts of murder and one count of felony burglary in connection with the case.

Extradition and Court Appearance

After his arrest, Kohberger appeared in a Pennsylvania courtroom on Jan. 3 and waived his extradition to Idaho, which meant that he agreed to return to the state voluntarily to face the charges against him. He was transported back to Idaho on Jan. 4.

Victims and Crime Scene Details

Goncalves, Mogen, Kernodle, and Chapin were all fatally stabbed in the rental home on King Road in Moscow, Idaho. While Ethan was not a resident in the home, he was staying overnight with girlfriend Kernodle. Two other roommates, Dylan Mortensen and Bethany Funke, were home and unharmed at the time of the attack. The surviving roommates were initially ruled out as suspects in the investigation.

New Information Revealed in Probable Cause Affidavit

According to the probable cause affidavit released on Jan. 5 after Kohberger’s return to Idaho, one of the surviving roommates said they saw the killer. The roommate described “a figure clad in black clothing and a mask,” who walked past her as he left the crime scene, and she heard crying on the night of the killings. The affidavit also alleged that Kohberger was linked to the crime scene from DNA and cell phone pings.

Reaction from Those Who Knew Kohberger

The allegations against Kohberger have been met with a range of reactions from those who knew him. Some were taken aback by the allegations, while others expressed less surprise. The investigation into the murders is ongoing, and Kohberger is set to appear in court to face the charges against him.

Suspect Bryan Kohberger Arrested in Connection with the Murders of Four University of Idaho Students

Bryan Kohberger

Bryan Kohberger, 28, was arrested in Pennsylvania on Friday, December 30, in connection with the murders of four University of Idaho students: Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin. He was charged with four counts of murder and one count of felony burglary. Kohberger appeared in court in Pennsylvania on January 3 and waived extradition to Idaho. He was transported back to Idaho on January 4.

Families of the Victims Express Relief

The families of the victims expressed relief after Kohberger’s arrest, which occurred on the same day as a planned memorial for best friends Mogen and Goncalves. Jessie Frost, a family friend of Mogen’s, told PEOPLE, “It was amazing they caught him the night before their memorial — such a blessing and relief for all of us. It brought a little peace that day.”

Everything We Know About Bryan Kohberger So Far

Kohberger claimed he was “shocked” at the allegations against him, according to his public defender Jason LaBar. Kohberger waived his right to an extradition hearing to try and get closer to his exoneration. Kohberger has been charged with murder and felony burglary in relation to the deaths of the four University of Idaho students.

Kohberger may have been bullied as a child, according to one person who knew him when they were young. However, others who knew Kohberger deny this claim and allege that Kohberger was a bully himself. A college classmate of Kohberger’s recalled him frequently taking contrarian viewpoints in classes and getting into heated arguments with other doctoral students, according to The New York Times.

Kohberger allegedly used heroin as a teenager, and several of his classmates from his teens recalled him using heroin. Kohberger later reached out to a former friend two years after graduation, claiming that he was getting clean and wanted to do something good with his life.

Kohberger has a psychology degree

Bryan Kohberger received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from a community college near his hometown in eastern Pennsylvania, according to The New York Times. His friend, Jack Baylis, said that Kohberger had a strong interest in psychology and was always curious about how people think. He also earned a master’s degree in criminal justice from DeSales University. While studying at DeSales, he posted a call on Reddit for ex-convicts to participate in what he said was a study sanctioned by the University on how “emotions and psychological traits influence decision-making when committing a crime.”

Kohberger was a Ph.D. student in criminology at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, where he was also a teaching assistant. After the murders of the four University of Idaho students, Kohberger’s behavior changed significantly, according to one of his students, Joey Famularo, who had him as a teaching assistant. Famularo said that Kohberger became more lenient in his grading and left minimal comments on her work. He was also pulled over twice on a road trip before his arrest.

The New York Times reported that Kohberger earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from a local community college near his eastern Pennsylvania hometown. Kohberger was interested in psychology from a young age and was known for his curiosity and interest in understanding how people think. He later went on to receive a master’s degree in criminal justice from DeSales University.

While studying at DeSales, Kohberger posted a call on Reddit for ex-convicts to participate in a study he claimed was sanctioned by the university. Kohberger was also known to be interested in serial killers and often developed theories on what happened at crime scenes based on photos presented in class. However, his behavior did not raise any red flags among his classmates.

Kohberger was also interviewed for a job as a graduate research assistant at the Pullman, Washington, police department, during a cross-country road trip with his father from Washington to Pennsylvania.

DNA evidence found on the sheath of a knife left at the crime scene was linked to Kohberger, and his cell phone pinged in the area of the 1122 King Road home where the killings took place on at least twelve occasions prior to November 13, 2022.

Kohberger followed all three female victims on Instagram, and allegedly sent messages to one of them two weeks before the murders. He was also seen at the restaurant where two of the victims worked as servers and allegedly visited the Student Union building on the University of Idaho campus before the murders.

Kohberger had photos of one of the female victims on his phone, according to a source familiar with the investigation. After his arrest, two knives, a handgun, black face masks, gloves, a hat, a “green leafy substance in a plastic bag,” and other items were taken from his parents’ home in Pennsylvania.

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