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Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori is a well-known Australian entrepreneur and architect who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She came into the limelight after marrying rapper Kanye West in Beverly Hills in January 2023. Censori has been working as an architectural designer for West’s company, Yeezy. Her successful career in acting and modeling has helped her amass a considerable fortune, and her net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $2 million.

Personal Life and Relationships

Despite her fame and success, Bianca Censori is known to be a private person who prefers to keep her personal life low profile. Not much is known about her early life or family, as she has not shared much information about them publicly. However, it is known that Censori started her career in architecture and design before moving into the entertainment industry.

Censori has been linked with Kanye West since late 2022, and the couple made headlines after their private wedding ceremony in January 2023. Before this, Kanye West was in a long-term relationship with model and reality TV star Kim Kardashian. The couple had four children together before filing for divorce in 2022.

bianca censori

Kanye West and Bianca Censori: A New Beginning

Kanye West is the founder of the fashion brand Yeezy, where Bianca Censori has been working as an architectural designer. It is reported that the couple fell in love while working together and decided to start a new chapter in their lives by getting married in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills.

Although there are rumors that the couple is not legally married yet, neither Kanye West nor Bianca Censori has made any official statements regarding their marital status. However, their relationship has been the subject of much speculation in the media and among their fans.

Censori’s Career and Achievements

Before entering the entertainment industry, Bianca Censori worked as an architectural designer and entrepreneur. She is known to have a keen eye for design and has been involved in several successful projects in this field.

bianca censori

Censori’s career in acting and modeling started in the early 2010s, and she quickly gained popularity for her talent and good looks. She has appeared in several TV shows, films, and commercials, and her work has been praised by critics and audiences alike.

Apart from her work in architecture and entertainment, Bianca Censori is also known for her philanthropic activities. She has supported several charitable causes over the years, and her efforts to make a positive impact on society have earned her much respect and admiration.

While the first family of reality TV did not approve of Bianca Censori and Kanye West’s non-legal wedding ceremony, Censori’s own family was much more supportive of the couple’s decision.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Censori’s sister Angelina expressed excitement about the news, stating that it was exciting for both her sister and the family. However, she also added that they preferred to keep things private for the time being.

Similarly, another relative of Censori’s, Alyssia, also spoke to the media outlet and expressed happiness for the couple, stating that she was “super happy for them both.”

Since their wedding, Censori and West have mostly remained out of the spotlight. However, they were recently photographed looking more in love than ever during a dinner date, as reported by Page Six.

Did Kanye marry Bianca Censori?

Yes, there were reports and rumors that Kanye West had married Bianca Censori in a private ceremony in January 2023, less than two months after his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized. However, neither West nor Censori confirmed or denied these reports.

The recent news of rapper Kanye West marrying one of his staffers, Bianca Censori, has shocked the world. However, according to insiders, West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, may not be as surprised as others.

Sources claim that Kardashian has long despised Censori, although there doesn’t appear to be any specific reason for this dislike. It’s possible that Kardashian suspected there was a certain spark between Censori and West, given the nature of their work relationship.

Insiders also suggest that Kardashian’s dislike of Censori may be related to her physical appearance, as “she’s pretty, and Kim hates pretty girls.”

Censori, who holds a masters in architecture, has been working at West’s company, Yeezy, for several years. As an architectural designer, Censori has played a key role in many of West’s design projects, and their professional relationship has reportedly been the subject of much speculation among those who work at Yeezy.

West, who is known for his love of architecture and design, has made significant changes to various buildings over the years. He and Censori reportedly became close while working on these projects together.

TMZ recently reported that West and Censori tied the knot in a private ceremony, although they did not obtain a marriage certificate to make the union legal. The couple has been spotted wearing wedding rings, however, and sources suggest that they are fully committed to one another.

West and Censori were first spotted on what appeared to be a date at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills, and the couple has reportedly gone on a honeymoon to the Amangiri resort in Utah’s Grand Circle of National Parks and Monuments.

The news of West and Censori’s marriage comes just two months after his divorce from Kardashian was finalized. The couple, who were married in 2014 in a lavish ceremony in Florence, Italy, have four children together.

At this time, representatives for West and Censori have not commented on the news of their marriage.


Bianca Censori is a talented and successful entrepreneur, architect, and actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her recent marriage to Kanye West has made her the subject of much attention in the media and among fans. Despite this, Censori remains a private person who prefers to keep her personal life low profile. Her career achievements and philanthropic activities have earned her much respect and admiration, and she is a role model for many young people who aspire to make a positive impact on society.

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