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Benefits of internships in high school

1) Boost your chances of getting into college | Benefits of internships in high school

One of the benefits of internships in high school is improving your college admission chances. Today, the college application process is even more competitive, especially if you want to get into prestigious colleges with low acceptance rates. Just having a good SAT score and good grades is not enough anymore. Colleges want to see that you are involved in your community. However, these prestigious colleges also want to see that you are doing things outside of extracurriculars offered by your school. For example, many Ivy league students have had an internship in high school. With an internship in high school, you will be able to stand out on your college application. Having an internship and extracurriculars, in general, will also give you more to talk about in your supplemental essays for college.


2) Get a great recommendation letter | Benefits of internships in high school

One of the great benefits of internships in high school is that you can also ask your supervisor at your internship for a recommendation letter for college.

how to start a club in high school

When you do an internship, you tend to become close to your supervisor, which will help you in the college application process because getting a recommendation from your supervisor will help reveal more of your amazing personality to the colleges you are applying to! Nearly every college has an optional letter of recommendation that you can have submitted, which can either get from another teacher at your school or it can be someone else who knows you well, like a supervisor at your internship. Getting this optional letter of recommendation from your supervisor will also help you stand out in your college application process because not everybody has an internship and/or gets a letter of recommendation from their supervisor.

3) Boost your chances of getting scholarships and other programs you apply to | Benefits of internships in high school

With an internship on your resume, you will also be able to more easily get other programs that you apply to. For example, you will have an easier time getting scholarships and other internships you apply to. Many of the large national scholarships such as the Gates Scholarship and the Coca Cola Scholarship are heavily focussed on extracurriculars.

benefits of internships in high school

These scholarship people want to see that you are involved in your community because they want to reward people who have not only gotten good grades and good SAT scores, but who are hardworking people who are involved in their community.

4) Learning and networking

In addition, an internship will give you the opportunity to explore new fields or fields that you are already interested in. There are internships in really every field imaginable. An internship will also help you to increase your network. Having networking connections and people in your life, in general, is very important, whether you need a favor, or if you need a reference/recommendation letter for a job or program.

Although it can be daunting to submit resumes and cover letters, as well as interviewing for a job in a new field, being willing to push yourself will help you stand out to potential employers when you are seeking candidates. As someone who has had many internships in different fields, I can tell you that each one was valuable and has been a great help.

Here’s a list of other important benefits that internships can bring to your attention:

Find out more about yourself

It’s important to know what you enjoy and don’t like. This will help you decide which career path you want to follow. Internships will help you identify your strengths and areas where you may want to focus.

Although I think I am capable of delivering the best results, my first internship in a theatre was a disaster. I felt intimidated and couldn’t speak to anyone unless I was asked – which is exactly what I didn’t do. It is important to be curious and interested in the company’s offerings. Don’t choose a job because it’s easy or they pay you.

Discover job opportunities

There is always a competition for jobs. The more experience you have, you’ll be more qualified. This tells a lot about your skills, motivation, and outgoing nature. It’s worth taking the time to search and apply for internship . This will help you see the variety of positions available and the ever-changing world of work. You don’t have to work in a small cubicle every day. Your life will not be defined by one job.

Make connections

Your network plays a significant role in your career. It’s a great way of getting to know people from different backgrounds and to establish relationships that you will want to continue throughout your career. Internships will allow you to do this and increase your chances of being involved in job opportunities. If they feel you are a good candidate for a job, they will reach out to your.

You can also find information on where to look if you are interested in starting a business or looking for partners or employees. You can also ask an experienced person if you have any questions and get support. There are many reasons, and it is more beneficial to meet people and build trust than to stay in your own corner.

Step into real life

An internship is a transition from a classroom into a professional environment. Internships are a way to get a glimpse into real life. It’s a kind of amuse-bouche. Internships allow you to get familiar with various working environments and help you find the right one. Keep in mind that this is an opportunity to learn and to apply the skills you have acquired. Your resume will be a magnet for readers and make them want to know more about you.

These are only a few of the key benefits that internships can bring to you in the long-term. However, it also shows the advantages over the cons. It’s up to you. The most important thing is to have fun. But remember, everyone started somewhere.

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