Baxcalibur is a Dragon/Ice-type pseudo-legendary Pokémon that was first introduced in Generation IX. It is the final form of Frigibax and evolves from Arctibax starting at level 54. With a combination of two powerful types and excellent base stats, Baxcalibur is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at this amazing Pokémon, exploring its biology, move set, and more.


Baxcalibur Biology

Baxcalibur has a distinctive navy blue body with hexagonal-shaped ice patches located near its chest, kneecaps, and underneath its tail. It also has squareish polygonal light blue patches underneath its feet. The Pokémon has long muscular arms with three sharp white claws on each of its hands and feet. Three red quills protrude from each of its wrists. It appears to be wearing an icy mask on its face, with a pair of ice spikes pointing upward on its snout and icicles pointing downward on its chin. The only part of the face not covered in ice is its yellow eyes. The black, ice-coated spine on its back resembles an axe.

🕸 Rachel 🕷 Briggs 🕸 on Twitter: "I was compelled to draw official-style Baxcalibur in a different pose, this one is mainly referenced from the ingame Pokédex image of it using its

In battle, Baxcalibur flips upside-down, using its spine as an axe while supporting itself with its head and forelimbs. It also spews out cryogenic air from its mouth, which is cold enough to freeze lava. To finish opponents off, it launches towards them with the blade on its back.


Baxcalibur has an impressive moveset, featuring a mix of Dragon and Ice-type moves that can deal massive damage to opponents. It is the only Pokémon that can learn Glaive Rush, a powerful Dragon-type physical move that has a base power of 120 and 100% accuracy. The move deals a lot of damage and has a high critical hit ratio, making it a great choice for taking down tough opponents.

Other moves that Baxcalibur can learn include Ice Beam, a powerful Ice-type special move with a base power of 90 and 100% accuracy. This move is great for dealing damage to opponents weak to Ice-type moves, and can also freeze them, leaving them unable to move. Baxcalibur can also learn Crunch, a Dark-type physical move with a base power of 80 and 100% accuracy. This move can lower the opponent’s Defense stat, making them easier to take down.

Baxcalibur Abilities

Baxcalibur has two regular abilities and one hidden ability. Its regular abilities are Thermal Exchange and Ice Body. Thermal Exchange is a unique ability that allows Baxcalibur to change its form in battle, increasing its Defense stat when it is hit by a Fire-type move. This ability can make Baxcalibur much harder to take down, especially when facing off against Fire-type opponents.

Ice Body is another great ability that allows Baxcalibur to heal itself during hail. When hail is active, Baxcalibur’s HP will be restored by 1/16th of its maximum HP at the end of each turn. This can make Baxcalibur much more durable in battle, especially in hail-heavy environments.

Baxcalibur’s hidden ability is yet to be discovered, and it will be exciting to see what it is once it is finally revealed.


Baxcalibur has impressive base stats, with a total base stat of 600. It has a high Attack stat of 145, making it a formidable physical attacker. Its Defense stat is also relatively high, at 92, allowing it to take hits from opponents without taking too much damage. However, Baxcalibur’s Speed stat is not as

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