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Barbarian 2022 Showtimes

The Barbarian 2022 showtimes can be seen at this link. You should be able to type in your zip code into that website and nearby theaters will come up so you can get the Barbarian 2022 showtimes near you.

The 2022 American horror thriller film “Barbarian” was written and directed by Zach Cregger in his solo debut. Arnon Milchan, Roy Lee, Raphael Margules, and J.D. Lifshitz produced the film, which stars Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, and Justin Long. The movie’s plot involves a woman who discovers that the rental home she reserved has been double-booked by a man, and she is unaware of the sinister secret within the house. The film premiered at San Diego Comic-Con on July 22, 2022, and was released theatrically in the United States on September 9, 2022, by 20th Century Studios. Critics gave generally favorable reviews, praising Cregger’s screenplay, direction, and the performances of the cast. The film had a worldwide box office gross of $45 million and was made on a production budget of between $4 million and $4.5 million.

Barbarian 2022 Movie Description Plot | Barbarian 2022 Showtimes

Tess Marshall arrives at a rental house in Brightmoor, Detroit, before a job interview, but finds that it has been double-booked by a man named Keith Toshko. Initially uncomfortable with Keith, Tess eventually decides to stay for the night while Keith sleeps on the couch. In the middle of the night, Tess is shocked to find that her bedroom door has been opened, but Keith is asleep and denies having touched the door.

barbarian 2022 showtimes

The next day, Tess goes for her interview and is warned not to stay in the area surrounding the house. When she returns to the house, a homeless man chases her inside, telling her to leave. Tess is locked in the basement and discovers a hidden corridor leading to a room with a camcorder, a stained mattress, and a bloody handprint.

Keith arrives and frees Tess from the basement. Together, they investigate the hidden corridor and discover a subterranean tunnel attached to it. While exploring, they are attacked by a deformed, naked woman known as “The Mother,” who kills Keith.

Two weeks later, the house’s owner, actor AJ Gilbride, visits the property before selling it to pay for legal costs after being fired from a television series over allegations of rape. AJ finds the hidden tunnel and attempts to measure it, believing it may increase the house’s value. The Mother attacks AJ in the tunnel, causing him to fall into a hole where he meets Tess.

A flashback to the 1980s shows Frank, the original owner of the house, abducting women, raping them, and keeping them captive in the tunnels.

In the present, The Mother locks Tess and AJ in a hole and reveals that she wants them to act as her children. The Mother forcibly breastfeeds AJ before dragging him away. Tess escapes the house with the help of Andre, the homeless man who warned her earlier. He tells her that The Mother will come for her at nightfall.

While The Mother is distracted, AJ finds a room that she refuses to approach. Inside, he finds a bedridden Frank, whom he assumes to be another victim of The Mother. AJ assures Frank that he will call the police, but he finds evidence of Frank’s crimes before he kills himself with a concealed revolver.

Tess leads the police to the house, but they dismiss her story and leave as night falls. She breaks into the house, retrieves her car keys, and rams The Mother with her car, seemingly killing her. Tess returns to the basement to rescue AJ, but he accidentally shoots her with Frank’s gun. The two escape and find that The Mother has vanished, so they take shelter with Andre.

Andre reveals that The Mother is a product of Frank’s multigenerational incest with his victims. The Mother bursts in, kills Andre, and chases Tess and AJ up a water tower. AJ pushes Tess off the tower to save himself, but The Mother jumps after her and shields her from the fall. AJ finds that Tess is still alive, but as he tries to justify his actions to her, The Mother revives and kills him. The Mother then attempts to comfort Tess, but she shoots her dead with Frank’s gun and limps away as the sun rises.


Barbarian 2022 is classified as a horror thriller film and has received generally positive reviews, with praise for its screenplay and direction. It is rated R for strong bloody violence, language, and some sexual content, which may be disturbing for some viewers. Ultimately, the level of fear or scare that someone experiences while watching the film may vary depending on individual preferences and tolerance for horror.

Barbarian is a 2022 American horror thriller film written and directed by Zach Cregger in his solo screenwriting and directorial debut. The movie centers around a young woman named Tess Marshall, who arrives at a rental house in a rundown Detroit neighborhood on the night before a job interview. However, she discovers that the house has been double-booked by a man named Keith Toshko, and not long after, they discover a hidden tunnel in the basement that leads to an unspeakable secret. As they explore the subterranean tunnel, they encounter a naked and deformed woman called “The Mother,” who attacks them and kills Keith. Two weeks later, the house’s owner, actor AJ Gilbride, visits the house and also falls victim to The Mother. Tess then becomes trapped in the house with The Mother, who forces Tess and AJ to act as her children, breastfeeds AJ, and violently attacks anyone who tries to escape. The film explores the dark history of the house’s original owner, Frank, who abducted and raped women and kept them captive in the tunnels. Tess and AJ eventually discover the truth about Frank’s horrific crimes, but they are faced with the daunting task of escaping the clutches of The Mother. Barbarian premiered at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2022 and was theatrically released in the United States on September 9, 2022. The film received generally positive reviews for its screenplay, direction, and performances, and grossed $45 million worldwide on a production budget of $4-4.5 million.

The reception to Barbarian 2022 has been generally positive, with many reviewers praising the film’s screenplay, direction, and cast performances. However, it is important to note that individual opinions on movies can vary widely, so whether or not you personally would find it worth watching is subjective. If you enjoy horror-thriller movies, it may be worth checking out to see if it aligns with your personal tastes.

The main cast of “Barbarian” (2022) includes:

  • Georgina Campbell as Tess Marshall
  • Bill Skarsgård as Keith Toshko
  • Justin Long as AJ Gilbride
  • Kyra Sedgwick as Jane
  • Sara Rue as Marisol
  • Lela Loren as Eileen
  • Matty Cardarople as Andre
  • Erin Dilly as Deb Marshall
  • William Tokarsky as The Hobo

These are some of the main actors in the film, but there are other supporting actors and actresses as well.

Barbarian is rated R for strong violence, bloody and disturbing images, language and brief nudity. The film contains scenes of graphic violence, gore, and terror that may be too intense for younger viewers. Additionally, there is strong language and brief nudity in the film. The R rating indicates that the film is intended for mature audiences only and may not be suitable for children.

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