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Bank of America high school internship

The Bank of America high school internship is called the Bank of America Student Leaders Program. A high school internship program helps students build their resume. There are lots of companies offering internship programs, and on that list is Bank of America.

Bank of America has made Student Leaders a part of its ongoing commitment to youth employment, economic mobility, and social change since 2004. Through leadership training and experience, they help prepare diverse groups of community-minded students for success in the workforce. They promote responsible growth and deliver results for clients. They connect over 300 high school seniors and juniors from more than 100 communities each year to opportunities for employment, skill development, and service through their Student Leaders. Although they come from diverse backgrounds, the students are united by their passion and dedication. They gain valuable work experience and practical skills through paid internships at local nonprofits.

bank of america high school internship

This informative article will provide you with a complete guide on what the Bank of America high school internship is and how to get into the Bank of America high school internship program.

What does the Bank of America high school internship offer?

Are you in high school either in a junior or senior position? Then you can make a big difference in your career by applying for the Bank of America high school internship programs. The Bank of America is looking for the next generation of community leaders.

They are offering eight-week internship programs for the students, and it is a paid internship at a local non-profit organization. At first, the students will learn about the needs of the community and then the critical role played by the non-profits. Also, in addition, you will learn about civic, social, and leadership skills. The main goal of the whole program is for the students should learn how the government, business, and other non-profit sectors work together to address critical community needs.  The Bank of America high school internship program is the best program for the students to shape their future carrier growth.

As part of their 8-week internship, students will also get to go on a one-week all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. Bank of America pays for the Student Leader Summit. This includes travel from and to Washington DC, baggage fees, and meals. Only students will need to purchase souvenirs and other incidentals. 

What do students do in the Bank of America high school internship?

The Bank of America chooses students from different backgrounds, and they will all share a common purpose which is the commitment to the advanced social progress in their communities.

Here are the things that students will learn from the Bank of America high school internship program;

  1. Students will have a better understanding of how non-profits organization will achieve their mission and also will develop broader workspace skills
  2. Partnering organizations from the club of America to the local community organization skills
  3. They will also get a hands-on job experience, and in addition to that, the student leader will go to Washington D.C. for a week-long national leadership summit
  4. Teaches the students to be more focused on building a diverse and inclusive society, power of cross-sector collaboration, and advocacy
  5. Student leaders will get a chance to meet elected officials and be able to participate in activities such as volunteering, learning projects, and other workshops 

When does the application open?

Fall 2022 will see the opening of the application process for 2023. Students who submitted nominations will be notified about their status in April 2023.


The Bank of America high school internship program offers a lot of benefits to the students, and it will be very beneficial for the students. They will get paid well; will have flexibility in the working timings, sick leave, and a chance to work in a super cool environment. This internship also is a great boost to college applications. It is extremely competitive to get the internship. It is usually about a 3% acceptance rate


Is Bank of America Student Leaders selective?

Bank of America student leaders is really selective. Each year they only select 300 student leaders from across the U.S. Depending on the state you are applying from it can be even more competitive for you. For example, some markets that are very competitive are the Illinois, California, and New York markets.


How much do Bank of America student leaders make?

One website Bank of America student leaders make $12 an hour. Another website says it is $17 an hour. Students will be working 35 hours a week for 8 weeks.


Eligibility for the Bank of America High School Internship

There are a few requirements that a student must have if they really want to participate in the Bank of America high school internship program:

  • Currently, the student should be junior or senior in high school
  • Should be able to participate in the 8-week internship program at a local non-profit organization
  • Should be able to attend the program as the duration will be 35 hours a week
  • Should be legally authorized to work in the US without sponsorship through the end of September 2023
  • Be a student in good standing at your school
  • They need a recommendation letter from a teacher, guidance, counselor, or school administrator
  • Bank of America employees and members of their immediate families (e.g. children, siblings, grandchildren or nieces, nephews etc.) are not eligible to apply.
  • Live in one of the eligible markets listed below:

bank of america high school internship locations


1) How do I apply for the Bank of America high school internship program?

Check out the eligibility requirements, and if you are eligible for the program, then apply online.  Applications open in the fall of every year.

2) Is a letter of recommendation a part of the application?

Yes, one letter of recommendation is needed while applying for the internship program. The letter should be from the school administrator, guidance counselor, teacher, or coach at the student’s current school. The letter should be on school letterhead, signed by the recommended person, should be in PDF format, and should be submitted within the deadline.

3) Is a resume required as a part of the application?

No, the resume is not required, but you have the option to include one with your application. If you are attaching the resume, then make sure that the resume is not going more than 2 pages.  

4) How can I go back to an application that has not been submitted to continue my work?
Keep track of your login ID, and password so you can return to the application later. You may return to the application directly by going to

5) My CyberGrants account is locked. Please reset my password.
We don’t have access to passwords or log-in credentials. Please contact Cyber Grants directly at

6) When is the deadline to submit my Student Leaders Application?
Your application deadline to submit your 2023 program year application is Friday, January 13, at 11:59 p.m. eastern/ 8:59 pacific. This deadline is not extended and there are no exceptions. Please plan accordingly.

7) My school/teacher has a policy of not providing me with a recommendation letter. They want it to be sent to the program directly. What should I do? 

In this case, you must attach a document to the Letter of Recommendation section of your application. This will indicate that the letter will be forthcoming. Then, once you have submitted your application, please have your teacher/administrator email the letter to For them to match it with the correct application, please ask your recommender to include your name and market ID and request ID.

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