Bad Piggies Shooter

Bad Piggies Shooter: A New Addition to The Angry Birds Franchise

If you’re a fan of the Angry Birds franchise, then you’re going to love the latest addition to their arsenal of games – Bad Piggies Shooter. Yes, it has the Angry Birds characters but the gameplay is different from what you may be accustomed to.

The objective of Bad Piggies Shooter is to defeat swarms of villainous pigs by launching projectiles from slingshots. Let’s take a deeper look into this exciting game and see what makes it unique.

The Basics of Bad Piggies Shooter

With the wild success of the original Angry Birds game, it’s not a surprise that Rovio would try to extend the franchise’s reach. Bad Piggies Shooter is another attempt by Rovio to retain the market share of mobile games. In this version, you take on the role of an angry bird to take down Pigs in an all-new style of play.

In typical Angry Birds style, the game is divided into levels, with each level incorporating different challenges to complete. In this game, as you progress through the various levels, the pigs become more challenging and require more sophisticated tactics to defeat.

The primary goal of each level is to defeat all the pigs on the screen, which is achieved by launching projectiles at them using the slingshot. It’s important to keep in mind that each bird has its unique abilities, so it’s essential to use the right bird for the job. The game’s mechanics are straightforward, and the controls are intuitive.

Innovative Gameplay Features

Bad Piggies Shooter boasts exceptional gameplay features that set it apart from all other Angry Birds titles. For starters, it’s not a side-scrolling game like the early versions of Angry Birds; instead, it utilizes a top-down perspective. This new view really gives players a better idea of the situation they’re facing and helps plan shots.

Another feature of the game is the use of different types of birds. Every bird comes with its unique capabilities such as different weapons, multi-directional firing, and split into fragments at the desired moment.

The game’s impressive level design incorporates various traps, puzzles, and obstacles to make the gameplay even more challenging. There’s also a physics element to the gameplay, which makes it all the more challenging and rewarding when you manage to hit your target.

Visually Stunning Graphics and Audio

Bad Piggies Picker’s visuals are, hands down, the best in the Angry Birds franchise. The top-down view coupled with the beautiful and vibrant colors make the game look stunning. There are brilliant graphic details such as the birds flying around in the background, the pigs’ reactions when hit by a projectile, and the projectiles flying through the air.

The game’s sound and music are also impressive. The soundtrack is upbeat and catchy, and the sound effects are spot on. There’s a satisfying sound when you hit a pig or structure, and the screams and laughter of the pigs add to the game’s comedic tone.

Focus on Strategy and Precision

Where Angry Birds was all about trial and error, Bad Piggies Shooter requires more strategy and precision to achieve the levels’ objectives. You have to take your time and study the situation, and you’ll need to make sure you’re selecting the right bird for each level. You’ll have to observe the projectiles’ trajectory and adjust your shot before launching the bird.

Different levels require different tactics to complete. It’s all about analyzing the situation and then devising a plan of attack. You’ll need to carefully aim your shots to hit pigs in the optimal places, maximize your birds’ abilities and utilize the environment to your advantage.

Accessibility and Fun for All Ages

One of the best things about Bad Piggies Shooter is that it’s accessible to all ages, making it the perfect game for family playtime. It’s easy to pick up and play, with an intuitive control system that can be mastered by everyone.

With the Angry Birds franchise, Rovio has managed to create a family-friendly game that somehow appeals to both kids and adults. Bad Piggies Shooter is a great continuation of this family-friendly theme. The game’s comedic approach, comic strips, and enjoyable cutscenes make it highly appealing to all ages.


Bad Piggies Shooter is a great addition to the Angy Birds franchise. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, stunning graphics, and fun soundtrack, the game is a prime example of how Rovio continues to evolve the Angry Birds franchise. Whether you’re an older fan of Angry Birds or a newcomer looking for something different, Bad Piggies Shooter is an excellent game that you’re sure to enjoy. So, next time you’re looking for a casual game to pass the time, consider giving Bad Piggies Shooter a try. You will certainly not regret it!

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