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Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship Opportunities for Students in USA
If you are a high school student and want to build up a career as a mechanic can start their preparation when they are still in the school. One of the best ways for this is to join an apprenticeship course. For instance; if they want to become an automobile then they can join a auto mechanic apprenticeship program. Plenty of such programs are available and a student can choose an apprenticeship program they feel to be the best.

auto mechanic apprenticeship

Best Utilization of Time

auto mechanic apprenticeship benefits the students in the following manners.

  • The students can utilize their summer and winter holidays by gaining valuable work experience.
  • Students that are about to complete their school studies can opt for long term apprenticeship.
  • Many companies offer paid apprenticeship for the high school students saving them from the extra-financial burdens.
  • Students gain valuable work experience that work as a starting point for future career building.


Quick Facts on Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

Here are some quick facts on auto mechanic apprenticeship in the United States.

  • The median pay was $46, 880 per annum in the year 2021.
  • Hourly remuneration for apprentices stood at $22.54.
  • The entry level education was post-secondary standards.
  • No previous experience is necessary.
  • Most programs are short-term and on-the-job training.
  • Job availability stood at 703,800 in 2020.


What Auto Mechanic Apprentices Do

During the apprenticeship the students gain practical experience about how to repair cars and also light trucks. They also learn how to inspect an automobile and find out what to repair. Usually the grown up auto mechanics work in a well ventilated and well-lit environment. They also work on the greasy parts of a vehicle. However; with the advancement of digital technologies; computerized auto repair has become the order of the day. A high school auto mechanic apprenticeship is designed to make the students familiar with all these features relating to auto servicing and repair.


How to Become an Auto Mechanic



Most employers prefer their mechanics to complete a course at a post secondary academy. It is because only such institutions award industry certificates for the apprentices. According to the experts the trend is not going to change till the year 2030. The apprentices are given assignments that enable them to handle small repair works independently. They also learn how to deal with complex auto repair works under the guidance of an expert mechanic. To become an apprentice; candidates have to apply well ahead of the commencement of the program. They will also have to pass drug tests and other qualifying criteria. Candidates must be a US citizen and conform to age requirements.


( -18.04.2022)


First Step to Become an Auto Mechanic


The very first step for students looking for a auto mechanic apprenticeship is to be well informed about all aspects of the program. The information includes the following items.

  • Job description of an auto mechanic.
  • How to get an apprenticeship.
  • Qualifications required becoming an auto mechanic.
  • Learning specifically about the type of auto mechanic you want to become.
  • Check the financial aspects and salaries the apprentices are offered.
  • Legal requirements if any.


Get Paid While You Learn

A great advantage of joining a auto mechanic apprenticeship program is that the apprentices get paid while learning. This is a welcome diversion from the traditional programs where the apprentices work without getting paid. A paid apprenticeship program eases the financial burden of the candidates and their parents.

Auto Mechanic Job Description

Following are the jobs performed by an auto-mechanic.

  • Diagnosing the defects in the automobile to be repaired.
  • It includes all the parts and also the systems like air conditioner, music system, and GPRS systems among others.
  • To bring back the vehicle to its normal state.
  • A mechanic can become a specialist on particular type of automobiles or a generalist in the trade.
  • The nature of work of the mechanics have become complex as new features are added to the vehicles. A mechanic should remain conversant with the developments in technique.

Master Trainer Mechanics

The industry practice is that the prospective auto mechanics work under the direct supervision of one of the master mechanics. According to the Labor Bureau statistics; around 72% of the master mechanics have some types of post-secondary qualifications. They also have to pass a number of examinations conducted by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).


Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship Qualifications

Following are the qualification requirements for candidates to become eligible for a auto mechanic apprenticeship.

  • A high school diploma or equivalent.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Candidates should pass the background test.
  • They should clear a drug test.

(Denise Dayton – 13.02.2019 – )


Different Ways to Become an Auto Mechanic

Source: pexels


There are different ways of becoming an auto mechanic. Students can complete a college course or go for an apprenticeship in a recognized auto repair center. Candidates can find their way to a auto mechanic apprenticeship using the following certifications.

  • Level 2 Diploma in Light Vehicle repair and maintenance.
  • Level 3 Diploma in Vehicle Technology.
  • T Level in Maintenance, and Repair.
  • Entry requirements

To become a certified auto mechanic it is necessary for the candidate to complete either an intermediate level or an advanced apprenticeship.


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Apprenticeship helps you to Become a Regular Mechanic



Today; the automobile users counting to billions, the demand for competent auto mechanics are growing very fast. An apprenticeship can help you to achieve the tag of a competent mechanic in future. Candidates are often concerned about the time taken to become an auto mechanic. With a valid apprenticeship certificate the time taken to become an auto mechanic can be reduced considerably.

( -09.03.2021)


There are various aspects of auto repair and maintenance. A quality auto mechanic apprenticeship could be very useful. The reason is that the apprentice will learn about diagnosing and problem solving in repair and maintenance of different types of automobiles. However; the candidates have to find out an officially recognized and accredited institution for apprenticeship.



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