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Art internship for high school students

A high school student realizes the importance of building up his or her career from the grass root level. That is why many such students look for a suitable internship program to get acquainted with the basics of their preferred career. An internship can provide the platform for deciding on their future moves and the selection of career avenues. There are numerous types of internship programs available and one of them is the art internship for high school students. It may interest you to learn about 7 major benefits a student can derive by opting for an art internship.

An Art Internship for High School Students can Nourish Creative Talent

One of the major benefits of an art internship for high school students is that it can substantially improve their creative talents. However; the best outcome from the high school art internship for the students will depend largely on the location and flexibility of the program.

An art internship for high school students promotes learning multiple creative areas

An art internship for high school students can open up a way to connect with multiple creative fields. That counts for the huge popularity of art internships among high school students. With such an internship, a student will not only become a skilled expert in the field of related arts but will also help them to stay ahead of the competitors. In a high school art internship, you could have the chance to not only paint, draw, but you also could learn about graphic design with Photoshop. An art internship can make you more well- rounded.

In addition; the internship will also help the student to share valuable insights with the experts in the field and give them practical experience. In turn, the students can also develop critical skills like collaboration, decision making, improved thinking, and communication skills. Students can also develop their custom art-making skills. Art interns will become an expert in curation, leadership, and collaboration. Finding an internship in arts is a lot easier in cities because of their availability in the local art galleries, museums, and art studios.

art internship for high school students

Students can develop useful connections in an art internship for high school students

In these days of thriving e-commerce; creating useful connections is an indispensable part of career promotion. Undergoing the art internship for high school students can help in creating very useful connections for them. The connections may include employers, organizations, fellow interns, and experts in the field among others. Such connections could work as the catalysts in the process of building up a rewarding career in the field of art.  The connections created can help in your future job hunts as well.

An art internship for high school students is a time-tested method of creating sponsorship and opportunities too. This happens because the internship exposes you to multiple people having value in the art world. An internship program can connect you with local as well as global stakeholders.

Besides skill and communication development, a high schooler can avail multiple other benefits by enrolling in an art internship for high school students.

  • A student decide the art techniques in which they want to use to further their future professional career.
  • They will learn about what to expect when building up a career in a specific art area.
  • They will immensely benefit by learning about the experience of others and various challenges they might encounter while building up a career in arts.
  • Art internships help high school students get admitted into a top art college. Having internships in your field of interest boosts your resume and looks great on college applications.

Students earn professional learning experience in an art internship for high school students

Students in an art internship for high school students can receive professional learning experience from the program. Such experiences gained by the students can be used later in real-world projects. One of the main advantages of the internship is that you can narrow down your narrow career path and focus on your chosen art technique. In addition, the industry trend is hiring interns for full-time jobs by after the intern graduates, so another benefit of a high school art internship is that it can lead to a full-time job.

Many employers look for students who have done internships. This means they feel more assured about the qualifications of students who have gone through an art internship for high school students. Thus, when it comes to finding an internship in college, the candidates having an internship under their belt obtained during their high school days are a step ahead.

List of art internships for high school students

1) ArtSpeak Internship

The Art Speak internship at the Asian Art Museum offers unique career opportunities for high school students in 10-12. Interns learn about Asian art and culture, interact with local artists and arts organizations and engage in social justice, youth activism, conduct information interviews with museum staff to explore career options in the arts. They also develop leadership skills through facilitating and creating hands-on activities.

Art Speak is a ten-month internship that runs from August through May. Interns will meet on-site and virtually at the Asian Art Museum. They are expected to work six to eight hours per week.

Art Speak is available to:

  • Students in good standing at Bay Area public high schools in grades 10, 11, and 12.
  • Teens are interested in art history, Asian art, writing, video editing, media arts and social justice.
  • Teens who are creative, responsible, motivated, and enthusiastic about pursuing a career in the creative industry will be successful.
  • Extroverts eager to share their artistic talents with museum visitors
  • Youth who feel comfortable engaging in conversation with staff, artists, interns, and visitors
  • Students who are able to commit to working 6-8 hours per week, including virtual sessions on Thursdays at 4-6 PM and in person sessions at the Asian Art Museum on Sundays between 11 AM and 3 PM.

2) Artslife summer internship at museum

Artslife is a paid art internship for high school students for rising juniors and sophomores at New York City’s public and charter high schools. It combines art and design, leadership training, museum studies, community engagement, and leadership training. All areas of the museum are offered to participants: Education, Development, Communications and Marketing, Visitor Services, Security, and Register. Artslife’s first week is dedicated to building relationships and introducing interns to the Museum. The remaining five weeks are spent working on collaborative projects with Museum staff and local artists who serve as mentors. The internships at Artslife get firsthand experience and broad exposure to all aspects of museum activities, including behind-the scenes.

Artslife interns

  • Find out about career opportunities in the arts.
  • Career readiness.
  • In the Artist Studios, you can create artwork with visiting and local artists.
  • A podcast series can be created based on the topic chosen by interns.
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer trips.
  • Enhance and consolidate your presentation, communication, public speaking, and presentation skills.
  • Other cultural institutions are available in New York City.
  • Earn $15 per hour to receive a MetroCard for free

3) artWorks, environmental art internship

Their next hiring period for this art internship for high school students opens in October 2022. ArtWorks for Milwaukee connects professional artists with high school students from Milwaukee to create art that is community-based and helps them to develop life and career skills. We want to offer you the following:

  • Opportunities for job training and meaningful employment
    Our goal is for you to have real-world experiences in order to learn the skills you need to succeed in your chosen career.
  • Opportunities for positive mentoring and workplace diversity
    Through interactions with your career coach, lead artist, program assistants and other participants, we hope to offer positive mentoring opportunities. This program is designed to help you learn how to work in a diverse workplace team to reach your personal and collective goals.
  • Creative problem solving
    The range of media and artistic techniques you will encounter will help you to develop creative problem solving skills and other 21st-century skills. ArtWorks interns gain life and career skills through the art. Employers today are looking for 21st-century skills.

4) Boch Center art and theatre programs and paid youth councils

The City Spotlights Teen Leadership Council, a program for school-aged youth employment that provides Boston teens 15 years or older with paid positions in the arts sector as community advocates and artistic leaders. No previous access to arts career opportunities is necessary.

This youth employment program aims to empower Teen Leaders to improve their facilitation skills and job readiness skills, engage Boston residents in meaningful dialog about a social injustice topic, and empower young people as change agents in their local communities. They collaborate with local children and creative professionals as well as college students at college campuses. Many Teen Council members become paid summer employees in the City Spotlights Leadership program, which offers a year-long path of opportunity.

5) Koger Center for the Arts, theater internships at the University of South Carolina (unpaid)

Koger has art internships for high school and college students. Students interested in performing arts can get behind-the scenes access and backstage access. Administrative and technical staff can lead internships and work shadow opportunities. You can take tours of the facility or experience the productions beyond the curtain. Invites to masterclasses and lectures with visiting artists and other special guests. To apply for the program, contact or call 803-777-7500.

6) Met art internship for high school studnets at Museum

Students who are in grades 11 and 12 or obtaining their high school degrees and who, by the deadline date, reside or attend high schools or home schools in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, can apply for a paid high school art internship through Met High School Internship Program. Students can make connections with artists, museums, and creative professionals through this program. They also gain professional skills and network experience.

The internship opportunity is open to all ages who are passionate about art. High School Internship Program provides an opportunity to meet with Museum professionals in a variety of related fields such as marketing, editorial, education, and social media. As you learn from professionals and peers, you will have the opportunity to discover the intersection of your passions while at The Met.

7) ArtXpress Teen Internship at Milwaukee Art Museum

This art internship for high school students offers local teens an opportunity to explore artworks in detail and get behind-the scenes experience at the Museum. This program allows interns to work alongside Museum staff and art professionals in order to learn about career options and develop their artistic skills.

The interns are also taught how to facilitate and present artwork to their peers, Museum staff and elementary school students. The culmination of the internship is a creative collaborative public project that is presented at a celebration reception at Museum.

8) Museum of Fine Arts programs in Boston (internship and teen arts council)

The MFA provides teens with a fun and exciting environment. The Teen Arts Council helps teens develop leadership skills, learn about museum careers, and offer valuable assistance to Museum visitors in the role of Visitor Aides or Program Assistants. They also explore their creativity through workshops and studio art classes, and host teen-focused events that allow their Boston-area peers and friends to engage with the Museum’s global collection.

  • All opportunities pay $14.25/hour
  • 12-month program
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Workshops with community leaders and artists
  • Behind-the scenes museum experience

How to Apply: They are currently accepting applications for the 2022-23 cycle. Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions, please e-mail

9) Nevada County Media art internship for high school students (unpaid)

This art internship for high school students is ideal for those who are eager to improve their skills and learn the intricacies of film and TV production. Interns are responsible for assisting with a wide range of projects and perform many tasks. There’s never a dull moment at Intern!

Requirements for the high school art internship:

  • Ages 14 and older (High School Freshmen, or older).
  • No previous skills required
  • You must be able and willing to work between 6-8 hours per day. Hours are flexible
  • A nine-month commitment
  • Must live in Nevada County


  • An internship includes Academy classes, Filmmaking classes and hands-on instruction.
  • After the completion of the internship program, you will be granted a 1-year membership

Internships for parents and children: They offer internships for parents and children. That program is for children aged 14 and under, where the parent/guardian works alongside them.

10) Oakland Youth Beat art internship for high school students, also has a youth council

Youth Beat offers five art internships for high school students in California.

1) Youth Beat Student Advisory Council:

You are welcome to apply for membership to their Student Advisory Council if you are a student or TA at Youth Beat. This council is made up of alumni and current students who are involved in shaping Youth Beat’s culture, programming, outreach & recruitment, and educational equity. Their goal is to provide a forum where alumni, students, and mentors can stay in touch and collaborate, and be part of Youth Beat’s mission. Stipends available.

2) Advanced animation internship (MONDAY/WEDNESDAY 4:30-6:30PM STARTS AUGUST 22ND 2022):

3) Advanced filmmaking internship (TUESDAY/THURSDAY 4:30-6:30PM, STARTS AUGUST 23RD 2022):

They are accepting applications for this program from students who have previous experience in filmmaking or video production. This internship is paid. You can receive .5 credits of elective or art credit through the Oakland Unified Schools District per semester

4) Youth Beat After School Future Filmmakers (TUESDAY/THURSDAY 4:30-6:30PM STARTS AUGUST 23RD 2022): You will learn the basics of video production and be part of a supportive group of young filmmakers from Oakland.The class runs for the entire school year. At the end, you will have a portfolio of work that you can use to help you with your future career, internships, and college applications.Participation in Future Filmmakers is eligible for Youth Beat Advanced Program.You can also receive 5 credits per semester in art and electives through the Oakland Unified Schools District.

5) Animation: This course covers the fundamentals of stop motion and computer animation. This class lasts for the full school year, or can be taken as a single semester. Once enrolled you will receive a tablet and computer to work with. This will enable you to dive deeper into learning software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. This program provides 5 art or elective credits through the Oakland Unified School District per semester.

11) Studio Museum art and photography programs (unpaid)

Studio Museum is also where you can find an art internship for high school students. They offer plenty of high school art internships for New York high schoolers.

Their first program is called Expanding the Walls: Making Connections Between Photography, History and Community. This is a photography-based eight-month program for students in high schools or GED programs. The participants work together with an array of artists professionals to explore community, history and culture. They also learn the basics of photography through a series of art workshops, discussion groups and field trips. Expanding The Walls uses James Van Der Zee’s work as a catalyst to discussion and art-making. The program ends with a celebration for the work of all participants.

Their second program is their Teen Leadership Council. The Teen Leadership Council consists of New York City-based teens who create a safe and fun environment for teens to express their creative ideas at The Studio Museum in Harlem. Teen Leadership Council members help plan and facilitate the Museum’s free programs, such as Art Looks or Studio Works. They also collaborate with other teen organizations to offer special programs. The Teen Leadership Council fosters creativity and ambition through visits to Museums and talks with professional artists.

12) Teen Museum Art Council

The National Portrait Gallery invites teens to join its Teen Museum Council. Teen Museum Council is an intensive program designed for D.C. teens in grades 9-12. It aims to develop leadership skills and learn about themselves through portraiture. The goal is to make the Portrait Gallery a more engaging place for teens. TMC is the Teen Museum Council. It’s a program designed for teens and for teens.

TMC members can work with museum professionals to create teen-centered activities, take part in workshops, and train them. They also have the chance to gain valuable experience at the museum and develop creative and critical thinking skills. Teen Museum Council is a commitment of one year that meets on Wednesdays during the school year.

13) Urban Gateways teen advisory council for art programs

The Urban Gateways Teen Council is the voice of youth for teen-centric programming, including Teen Arts Pass or teen-designed initiatives. This council ensures their art programs are best served by Chicago teens by providing feedback on program design, evaluating partnerships, planning events for teens, and creating promotional materials and recruitment strategies. They already have their youth council members selected for the 2021-2022 school year, so check the website back later in 2023 when they are recruiting. If you are a Chicago high schooler, you can check out my post on internships for high school students in Chicago.

14) Brooklyn Museum Apprentice Program

This paid internship allows teens in New York City to immerse themselves into art and art history. They also learn about museum education and create their own lessons for audiences of all age.

Museum Apprentices:

  • Learn about art and our collections from curators
  • Discuss important topics in museum education such as the working relationship with the public schools system and the role museums play in social justice movements
  • Get training to teach art to all ages by connecting with educators
  • Assist in family programs such as F.A.M. FAM (Family Art Magic).
  • Camp groups can be taught on tours during the summer
  • Learn education programming in museums, and connect art and the world
  • Learn public speaking and research skills, as well as teaching and lesson planning skills.
  • Enhance their communication and collaboration skills and organizational abilities, as well as a sense time and responsibility management.

Earn $15 an hour Second-year Museum Apprentices are the leaders of the program and earn $16 an hour. You can work up to 180 hours per year! Metrocards will support weekend and summer jobs.

All NYC High School Students, 14-19 years old, are eligible to participate in this program. It will be held in person between December 2022 and August 2023.

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