Angry Gran 2

Angry Gran 2: The Ultimate Hit and Run Game

Do you want to experience the thrill of hitting and running? Angry Gran 2 is the ultimate game for you. Published by Ace Viral, this game is a sequel to the popular Angry Gran game. In Angry Gran 2, the player takes on the role of the crazy granny who is out on a rampage. The granny is wandering the streets looking for people to hit with her trusty baseball bat. The game is free to play and is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Meet The Granny

The protagonist of the game is the angry granny who is on a mission to take down anyone who crosses her path. The granny is a unique character known for her love of hitting people with her baseball bat. She has a no-nonsense attitude and is not afraid to take on anyone. The granny is seen wearing a pink floral dress, a purple sweater, and a green cap. She is also seen wearing glasses, which add to her quirky personality.

The Game Mechanics

Angry Gran 2 is a hit and run game where the player takes on the role of the granny. The game is set in a 3D environment where the player has to navigate their way through the streets. As the granny, the player must hit as many people as possible using the baseball bat. The game has simple controls that are easy to use. The player moves the granny forward by swiping up on the screen. Swiping left or right turns the granny in those respective directions. Swiping down on the screen makes the granny go back.

As the game progresses, the streets become increasingly crowded, making it harder for the granny to hit people. In addition, the police are on the lookout for the granny, making it necessary for her to avoid them. If the granny is caught by the police, the game is over. The game has power-ups that can be collected, which help the player to progress through the game. The power-ups include double coins, an invincibility shield, and a magnet that pulls coins towards the granny.

The Graphics and Soundtrack

Angry Gran 2 has excellent 3D graphics that are vibrant and colorful. The streets are filled with people and other obstacles, giving the game a sense of realism. The granny herself is well-designed and has a lot of character. The game has a catchy soundtrack that is upbeat and engaging. The sound effects are also well done, with the sound of the granny hitting people with her baseball bat being particularly satisfying.

The Challenge

Angry Gran 2 is a challenging game that requires skill and quick reflexes. As the granny walks down the street, she encounters various obstacles, including people, cars, and the police. The player has to navigate around these obstacles while avoiding being caught by the police. The game rewards the player with coins for hitting people, which can be used to buy power-ups. The more people the granny hits, the higher the score the player gets. However, the game becomes more challenging as the streets become more crowded.

The game also has daily challenges that the player can complete. These challenges offer a fun way to earn extra coins and provide an additional challenge to the game. The daily challenges include things like hitting a certain number of people or collecting a specific number of coins.

The Verdict

Angry Gran 2 is an entertaining and addictive game that offers hours of fun. The game has simple controls that are easy to use, making it accessible to everyone. The 3D graphics and catchy soundtrack add to the overall experience. The game is challenging, but not frustrating, which makes it perfect for casual gamers. The game is free to play, with the option to purchase additional coins. However, the game is not pay-to-win, and it is possible to enjoy it without spending any money. Overall, Angry Gran 2 is a fun and exciting game that is definitely worth checking out.

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