AmimixPlay was the popular anime website AmimixPlay that was shut down due to technical and motivational issues. The Internet is a vast digital realm that some perceive as a playground where copyright laws are not taken seriously. However, when major entertainment companies start cracking down on copyright infringement, reality can quickly set in. This was the case for AnimixReplay, a website that recently faced legal action from some of the world’s largest entertainment corporations, although initially, there were some doubts about the seriousness of the situation.

The closure of AminixPlay/Replay was a significant blow to its loyal user base, which generated an estimated 100 million monthly visits. Following the shutdown, several copycats surfaced, while a group of fans created a new project, AnimixReplay, to pay homage to the original site in a more respectful way and offer former users a new home.


While this scenario has worked for other pirate sites and services in the past, it’s not without risk. Visiting a pirate streaming site as a casual user is different from running one, and the legal implications may not be immediately apparent to everyone involved.

Unfortunately, the AnimixReplay team learned this lesson over the past few days. As they were developing their new app and building up their project, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), which is staffed by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), was gathering intelligence on the key people involved. ACE boss Jan van Voorn recently requested two DMCA subpoenas from a California federal court, one targeting CDN provider Cloudflare and the other directed at the Tonic registry, which oversees all .to domain names.

The subpoenas listed several suspected piracy portals, including,,,, and the domain. The legal action taken by ACE is a clear indication that copyright infringement is being taken seriously, and AnimixReplay and other similar websites may face significant legal consequences if they do not comply with copyright laws.

The objective of the DMCA subpoenas is to obtain the personal information of domain operators from online intermediaries. However, this information is sometimes useless, as pirate sites can provide false details. Nevertheless, ACE hit the jackpot with AnimixReplay.

Legal Action On Monday, AnimixReplay unexpectedly shut down “until further notice,” citing communication from a lawyer. The lawyer, who represented prominent ACE backers like Disney, Netflix, and Warner Bros, advised them to discontinue their copyright infringement activities.


The announcement on Discord read, “You may be wondering what’s happening? Well, that’s because we got a Subpoena from Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros, and more all at once! So yeah, that’s a thing.”

This legal action was a clear indication that the entertainment industry is taking copyright infringement seriously and is willing to take action against websites that engage in it. AnimixReplay and other similar websites that ignore copyright laws may face significant legal and financial consequences.

Conclusion The recent legal action taken against AnimixReplay highlights the importance of copyright laws and the serious consequences of ignoring them. The entertainment industry is committed to protecting its intellectual property, and websites that engage in piracy will face legal repercussions.

It’s essential for individuals and businesses to be aware of copyright laws and to comply with them. Failure to do so may result in legal troubles, including fines and even imprisonment. It’s crucial to respect the intellectual property rights of others and to use the Internet responsibly. By doing so, we can help to create a more equitable and just digital world.

At this juncture, the implications of the DMCA subpoenas were not entirely apparent to the AnimixReplay team. This lack of understanding was evident in a Reddit post, which suggested that jail time was on the horizon for the website’s operators.

TorrentFreak contacted Fryz from the AnimixReplay team, who confirmed that ACE had warned them and sent a copy of the Cloudflare subpoena. However, the team remained unconvinced and initially thought that it could all be a prank. They contacted Cloudflare to confirm the legitimacy of the subpoenas.

To gain more information, TorrentFreak reached out to ACE’s Jan van Voorn, who revealed that the warning was indeed genuine. Although Cloudflare had not yet provided any information, ACE had tracked down two US-based operators associated with AnimixReplay through other means.

Van Voorn stated, “While waiting for subpoena responses, we continued our investigation, and we relatively quickly identified the 2 US-based operators (Kentucky and Ohio) of and its related website through OSINT analysis. Our findings were confirmed via the voluntary cooperation of other intermediaries used by these websites.”

This suggests that the subpoenas were not the primary means of tracking down the people involved with AnimixReplay. ACE has other Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques and can rely on assistance from third-party intermediaries. Although ACE did not disclose which intermediaries they worked with, it’s possible that the friendly Radix registry provided additional information on the .site domain.

For the AnimixReplay team, the manner in which they were tracked down was of little consequence. The potential legal ramifications were of greater concern. At present, no lawsuit has been filed, and according to ACE’s statements, this is not on the horizon as long as the website remains offline.

Van Voorn stated, “Should the websites be brought online again after this initial warning, either in their original or a rebranded form, we will be happy to have our attorneys reach out to them directly.”

The AnimixReplay team, including Fryz, received the message loud and clear. Shortly after confirmation, they announced that the project would not be returning online. Fryz wrote, “This is a legal shutdown on the website. I’m confirming all docs are legit,” effectively signaling the end of the project.


While the Internet can be a playground for many, it’s essential to remember that it’s also governed by laws and regulations. Copyright infringement is a serious issue that can have significant legal and financial consequences. The case of AnimixReplay is a clear example of how copyright laws are being enforced, and websites that engage in piracy may face legal action from entertainment companies and industry organizations. It’s crucial for individuals and businesses to be aware of copyright laws and to comply with them to avoid legal troubles.

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