Advance Wars

Advance Wars: The Ultimate Turn-Based Strategy Game

Advance Wars is a tactical RPG (role-playing game) released in 2001 and developed by Intelligent Systems. The game made its debut on the Game Boy Advance and quickly became a fan favorite with its addictive gameplay, engaging story, and vibrant graphics. The game is set in a fictional world called Wars World, where players take on the role of commanders and lead their armies to victory by strategizing and carefully executing orders.

If you are a fan of turn-based strategy games, then Advance Wars is the right game for you. Here are some reasons why you should play this classic game.

The Gameplay

The gameplay in Advance Wars is straightforward, but it requires a lot of strategy and planning. Players take turns moving and attacking their opponent’s units on a grid-based map. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses, and players must learn how to use them to their advantage. For example, tanks are strong against infantry, but weak against anti-tank units like artillery.

The game has a variety of game modes to keep you entertained for hours. The Campaign mode is the main storyline where you play as the Orange Star Army, trying to defeat the enemy forces. In this mode, you command different units, such as infantry, tanks, planes, and ships, while trying to complete objectives. The game also has a VS mode where you can battle against your friends or AI in multiplayer matches.

The Story

The game’s story is intriguing, and it keeps you engaged throughout the game. The game is set in a fictional world called Wars World, where four different armies, Orange Star, Blue Moon, Green Earth, and Yellow Comet, are fighting for control. You play as the Orange Star Army Commander, Andy, and the game takes you on a journey of political intrigue, conspiracy, and betrayal.

The characters in the game are well developed, and each has their quirks and personalities. Rachel is a scientist who creates powerful weapons, Max is a tank commander who values power more than strategy, and Sami is an expert in infantry tactics. The story is told through cutscenes and dialogues, which adds to the game’s experience.

The Graphics

Even though Advance Wars was released in 2001, the graphics still hold up well today. The game has a vibrant and colorful world, and the different units are easy to distinguish. The game also has a lot of attention to detail, like the animations when units are attacking or being attacked, which brings life to the game.

The music in the game is also noteworthy. The soundtrack is catchy and upbeat, and it blends in perfectly with the game’s atmosphere. Each army also has its unique theme, which adds to the game’s immersion.

The Replayability

Advance Wars is one of those games that you can keep playing for years, and it never gets old. With its variety of game modes, a campaign that spans over 20 missions, and a VS mode that allows you to battle against your friends, the game has a lot to offer. The game also has a lot of hidden content that you can unlock by playing the game.

Moreover, the game has a lot of replay value because of its high difficulty. The game starts easy, but as you progress, the game gets harder, and strategic planning becomes necessary. With the option to play as different armies, you can experience the game in different ways, and each army has unique units that require different strategies.


Advance Wars is an excellent turn-based strategy game that provides an engaging gameplay experience with an intriguing story, vibrant graphics, and catchy music. The game’s high replayability and difficulty make it a must-play for any strategy game enthusiast.

If you haven’t played this classic game yet, give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed. With a game that has so much to offer, you’ll be entertained for hours. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your GBA (Game Boy Advance) and start playing Advance Wars today.

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