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Do I need to activate I-Pass? |

You need to activate I-Pass if you purchased your I-Pass in-person at a Jewel-Osco or Road Ranger location that sells the iPass. You don’t need to activate an I-PASS transponder if you purchased one online on if you ordered your transponder through the mail by calling the IPass customer service number, or if you purchased it at an iPass center at a tollway oases or the Illinois Tollway Headquarters in Downers Grove.

The first way to activate the I-Pass is by calling the iPass activation number (AKA their customer service number)

With both your I-PASS serial number and the activation number in front of you, call 800-824-7277 (which is their customer service number). The customer service phone people can both activate IPass transponders and set up an account for you, and your account will be ready immediately. The customer service phone number is available Monday through Friday from 7AM-5 PM Central Time. The number is not available Saturday and Sunday (they are closed on weekends). The iPass customer service is great in general. The customer service phone number has Spanish-speaking representatives. To speak to a Spanish-speaking representative press 2 when they first direct you to press a number. If you want to keep talking to an English-speaking person don’t press any number. Then, when they direct you to press a second number, press 2 to speak to a customer service representative.

The I-PASS serial number and activation code are located on your transponder’s activation sticker. When you get your transponder it will have an activation sticker on it. See below for what the sticker looks like:

activate ipass transponder serial number and activation number

After you peel off the activation sticker, you will see that the transponder face (see below) has the serial number on it too:

activate i pass transponder face serial number getipass

The second way to activate IPass is by creating an account on or activating your IPass on your getipass account if you have an account already | How do I activate my IPass online?

Note: The below method is for people who want to activate an iPass transponder they have online but who do not already have an account

Step 1: Go to and click “OPEN I-PASS ACCOUNT.” This is the IPass login for Illinois. There are two different types of accounts you can get: a pay-by-plate account and an I-PASS account (which is the regular account). You don’t want to choose the pay-by-plate account if you’re trying to activate your iPass because with the pay-by-plate account, you do not get a transponder. You do not have to install a transponder on your car. With a pay-by-plate account, you put money in your account to pay for tolls just like you would with an iPass account. When you go through a toll it charges you. You pay a higher rate for pay by plate because there’s more of a process to take a picture and process it.

getipass website to activate ipass online

Step 2: Fill this page out:

how to activate an ipass

Step 3: Fill this page out:

how to activate an ipass account information

Step 4: Click “Activate Transponder” and click continue:

activating ipass on getipass

Step 5: Enter the serial number and activation number that are located on the activation sticker of your transponder and click continue. Now you’re done!

activate ipass online

Note: The below method will now show you how to activate I-PASS online if you already have an account on

Step 1: Go to your account dashboard and click “view transponders”

order transponder on getipass

Step 2: Click "Activate Transponder"

acivate ipass transponder

Step 3: Enter the serial number and activation number on your iPass transponder sticker: Then click “Activate Transponder”

activate ipass transponder serial number activation number

You will know if you were successful if the below screen comes up:

activate i pass

Your account now is in “Proposed state/pending”. This will only occur if you don’t yet have a transponder and need to mail it to your address. Your account will not be activated until they begin mailing transponders. Once they start sending out transponders, your account will be activated. You can’t use your account to pay for tolls online or purchase new transponders online in this proposed state. The proposed state will usually only last for a few days before they begin mailing the transponders.

How you can tell if your iPass has been activated | Activate I-PASS

View this PDF to find out if your iPass is activated.

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