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3D Worm


3D Worm is a classic video game that has been enjoyed by generations of gamers. It was first released in the late 1970s and quickly gained popularity among arcade enthusiasts. The game is all about controlling a worm that eats dots while avoiding other worms and walls. It’s a simple but addictive game that has stood the test of time.

History of 3D Worm

3D Worm was originally developed by Spectravision for the Atari 2600 console in 1982. It was then ported to a number of other systems, including the Commodore 64, the ZX Spectrum, and the Amiga. The game was also released for home computers like the IBM PC and the Apple II. 3D Worm was one of the first games to use a three-dimensional perspective, which was a major innovation at the time.


The objective of 3D Worm is to control a worm that moves around a three-dimensional playing field. The worm has a head at one end and a tail at the other, and it moves by slithering along. The worm can turn left or right, but it cannot stop moving. The worm’s goal is to eat as many dots as possible without running into a wall or the body of another worm.

As the worm eats more dots, it grows longer and moves faster. This makes it more difficult to control, as the player has to avoid obstacles while navigating a longer and faster worm. The game ends when the worm crashes into a wall or another worm.

3D Worm is a classic example of a “score attack” game. The goal is to achieve the highest possible score, rather than completing a specific objective. This makes the game highly replayable, as players can always try to improve their score.


3D Worm has had a lasting impact on the video game industry. Its innovative use of 3D graphics helped to pave the way for later games like Doom and Quake. The game’s simple but addictive gameplay has also been emulated by countless other games over the years. 3D Worm is a testament to the enduring appeal of classic video games.


3D Worm is a timeless classic that is still enjoyed by gamers today. Its simple but addictive gameplay and innovative use of 3D graphics have made it an enduring favorite. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the game or a newcomer looking for a fun and challenging experience, 3D Worm is definitely worth a try.

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