High school political science internships

The internship for high school students is a really great idea, but if the internship is focused on political science then it is one of the best things to know. The high school political science internships are great for students who are interested in political science and for those who wanted to get a career in government, politics, or public policy.

So, here are the 10 recommended high school political science internships that students can really consider.

Why are political science internships important for high school students?

The high school political internships are really helpful for the students to gain knowledge and experience in various fields such as government, public policy, and elections. Even if you complete an internship related to political science in high school, then you can enhance your college applications and also will get some professional connections.

The internships in political science are available all year, and the program will range from two to six months. But most internship will take place during the summer months for high school students.

So if you want to explore the political science field, then here we have suggested the 10 best high school political science internships that you can consider in your list. 

10 best high school political science internships:

1. Lisa Murkowski Senate Page

This Lisa Murkowski Senate Page internship program is especially for Alaska high school students, and it is one of the most coveted internship programs for students who are interested in political science. The internship is available both during the school period and also during the summer. Both juniors and seniors who are 16 or 17 years can apply for this program and should have at least a GPA of 3.0 or higher.   

high school political science internships

2. U.S. Senate Page Program

U.S. Senate Page Program is offering high school political science internships and the students will be working for the senate in Washington D.C. In each legislative session, the program is offering 30 internship programs to both juniors and seniors.

Here the pages will perform a variety of tasks like delivering messages and preparing the senate chamber for business. For this internship, the student needs to submit a resume, school transcript, and an essay to apply for the internship program. 

3. State Legislative Page Programs

Most states will offer state legislative page programs for high school students which will be similar to the U.S. Senate program. Depending on the state, the tasks for the page will vary and in certain states, the internship program is available only for days or weeks.

In a certain state, the legislative session happens throughout the duration of the legislative sessions. The age, GPA, and other requirements are needed to join the state legislative internship programs. 

5. U.S. Department of the Treasury

If high school student wants to know more about the things like managing federal debt, collecting taxes, and printing money, then they should prefer an internship at the U.S. department of the treasury. Here the intern handles different kinds of responsibilities such as researching the news report, interacting with the staff working in U.S. government agencies, and attending legislative hearings.

The student can work in any one of the department’s divisional offices, and the internship program is available in summer, spring, and fall.   

5. Alabama House of Representatives Page Program

The Alabama House of Representatives Page Program will allow only the young Alabamans who are between 10 and 18 years. Here, they will have tasks related to working in inner government, observing committees, meeting, and meeting others with the same interest in political science. Along with this, they will handle running errands for members and staff, delivering messages, resolutions, amendments, and other official documents for the members. If you are interested then you need to contact their house member. 

6. Washington State Legislature House Page Program

The Washington State Legislature House Page Program is available since 1891, and it provides an opportunity for young Washingtonians to participate in state government tasks. The students will perform tasks like presenting the flags and distributing the amendments during the legislative sessions. This internship program is open to students who are between 14 and 17 years, and even the intern will get pay of $35 a day for their work. 

7.  Intern in an Alderman’s office, State Representative Office, Senator’s Office Internship

An internship in an elected official’s will help high school students to learn how the state government functions to serve the citizens. Even though most elected officials prefer college students for this kind of internship, still there are some elected officials that will offer high school students internship. Try cold-calling your local alderman, senator, or state rep to get an internship.

8. Mikva Challenge

Mikva Challenge is an organization in Chicago that is dedicated to youth political advocacy. They office political internships for high school students in Chicago. They place high school students in local alderman, state rep, senator, city clerk, and more elected official’s offices in Chicago. Students get paid $15 an hour too to work 32 hours a week (prior to tax).

9. Political Comapigns

There are many political compaigns that are offering internship or volunteer programs for high school students. The students will be handling tasks like answering calls, door knocking, registering voters, and helping with the events. Even they will get a chance to work in the department of finance and communication if they have additional skills.

So, you need to make a follow-up with the local political parties, and the requirements will vary for each group.

10. Athens Mayor’s Youth Commission

Athens Mayor’s Youth Commission is a program that engages high school students to volunteer and participate in civic activities. This program is coordinated by the Mayor’s Office. Mentors are used to educate students about local government and how they can be involved and informed citizens.

Students participate in community service and attend meetings of the City Council and Board of Education. They also administer small grants to the community. A podcast is also available. The students visit historic sites and city departments in order to learn more about Athens and how they can be involved as citizens.

11. Huntington Beach Youth Board

Huntington Beach Youth Board’s purpose is to serve as an advisory board to Huntington Beach City Council on youth achievements, problems, and needs. The board will promote and involve youth participation in community affairs.

12. California Youth Council

California Youth Council (CYC), a statewide organization of young people, is dedicated to raising awareness about youth issues. Young people are capable and competent citizens with an interest in their communities. The CYC is made up of high school and college-aged youth from all over California. They have different perspectives and experience. This diverse group is united by a common goal: to make positive changes in their communities. Young people can become CYC members and engage in statewide advocacy, learn next-level skills, deliver relevant training to peers, adults, and create meaningful relationships with other youth and adults across California. Youth development is more than just discussed at CYC meetings. It is actually practiced!

13. Colorado State Youth Council (unpaid)

The State Youth Council is a sub-committee within the Education & Training Steering Committee (CWDC). The SYC advocates and advises on multiple paths to economic and professional success for Colorado’s youth. The CWDC’s youth expert body, the SYC will:

  • Recognize and promote promising practices that advance youth talent development.
  • To inform your decisions, engage youth with their knowledge and lived experiences.
  • Provide advice on how to engage youth in career-related learning opportunities.
  • Make recommendations about policies and practices that impact youth talent development.
  • Make suggestions for the use of SYC funds.

14. Duango Mayor’s Youth Commission (unpaid)

As stated in the Children, Youth, and Family Master Plan Resolution adopted by the City Council in March 2009, the purpose of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission was to encourage youth participation in city government. This commission’s goal is to provide opportunities for youth involvement and to foster greater understanding and participation of youth in community issues.

15. Aurora, Illinois youth council (unpaid)

    • Opportunities for Aurora youth. Mayor Irvin will have an advisory role and the City leadership will be involved in outreach and engagement activities to ensure that young people become more involved in their community.EligibilityPotential members must reside within the corporate boundaries for the City of Aurora.
      Potential members cannot be younger than 14 years and must not be older than 18 at the time they apply.
      Prospective members must attend a high school in the City, whether it is public, private, or an alternative.
      Potential members should demonstrate leadership qualities, community involvement, and responsibility.

16. Rockford, Illinois youth council (unpaid)

  • In 2017, the Youth Leadership Council was created. The Winnebago County Health Department facilitates the Chairman and Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council. This interagency youth council’s purpose is to create and retain diverse young leaders in the region. The council members take part in initiatives to bring about change within their immediate spheres and in their local and regional communities.We hope that these young leaders will feel the rewards of engagement, participating in community discussions, being active members of the community, and feeling responsible for their community’s future.If they are:
    • High school seniors may be sophomores or juniors (returning students could be seniors).
    • Are you interested in learning more about leadership and public policy? Community health and local government
    • At least 70% of Youth Leadership Council meetings (11 of 15)
    • We need self-starters who can become leaders in our community.

17. Illinois State Board of Education Youth Council

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) was founded in 1975 and represents a diverse group young leaders from all over Illinois who have shown the ability to advocate education equity for all Illinois public school students. SAC members are committed to bringing about positive change in education through legislation, policies, rules, and other regulations. The SAC works with educators, legislators, and ISBE staff each year to identify areas of focus.


18. Judicial Youth Corps Program

Judicial Youth Corps (JYC Program) is an educational program that provides summer and spring internships to teach high school students about Massachusetts’ court system and rules of law. Judges, lawyers, probation officers, and other court personnel volunteer their time to mentor students. Students take part in mock trials, field trips, group discussions, among other activities. JYC is a program that runs out of the Supreme Judicial Court’s Public Information Office. It offers two sessions each spring and summer. All students who are accepted to the program must attend both sessions.


19. Judge David S. Nelson Fellowship

The U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts annually selects between ten and twelve Nelson Fellows to intern in the Court. Fellows learn through immersive courses and field trips. They also spend time in the chambers of a judge and attend various court proceedings.

Fellows take part in six weeks of intense summer programs that cover writing, civil rights, and public speaking. Fellows also meet local leaders and tour colleges. They also visit organizations that aid in college applications.

The Fellowship’s final and most exciting event is the mock trial. This is conducted in front of a Federal judge. Students prepare for the mock trial with the help of legal professionals throughout the summer.


High school political science internships are a great way to teach kids about public policy and public service early in their life. These students will gain more information related to the freedom and rights that are impacting the current issues. So, it will be a different internship program for every student.    

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